All live events are managed in the Channel section. Start streaming in a matter of minutes.


The first step to create your own streaming channel with preferred settings:

In case of a stream with multiple bitrates check Transcode box, choose ingest protocol and add bitrates. We suggest to have 4 bitrates (e.g. 1080p, 720p, 540p, 270p) if input stream is 1080p (Full HD) and 3 bitrates if input is 720p. Frame rate could be 50fps or 25fps (less dynamic) depending on the motion of the video stream.



In the Recordings section plan recording of the channel live stream or use the quick shortcut option in the Channels section. 
If the channel is set to transcode then it will record transcoded version with all bitrates.
After the recording is ended you can download it or move to the Media section for further processing by clicking Actions → Move to Media.


To preview the incoming live stream before going live and if the player is already embedded for the public, we suggest setting scheduled start time and poster in the Availability tab.  In this case end-users will see poster and will not be able to click the Play button. Only admin user in the video cloud will see incoming stream until the scheduled start time. When start time begins, the player refreshes automatically and the Play button is available for end-users.


Note that channel is OFF by default. Turn the channel ON by clicking the status button or by opening the edit window, click Actions → Go Live.


Connect filming device or software to created channel, see Stream publishing tab for keys. Start sending in the stream from your device when the channel is already turned ON!

You can use channels to stream not only from professional production cameras but also from your desktop computer or phone by using different free and open source software.
For example, OBS to live stream directly from your computer, view and download OBS instructions.
Or use the Wowza GoCoder app to live stream from your mobile device, view and download GoCoder App instructions.

You can use the same channel as many times as you need, no setup for the next event, just edit specifics.


If you have any questions, issues with your Video Cloud account or need any additional feature that is not available in self-service mode, connect with your account manager or customer care service at