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In the “Media” section you can create a new media asset without a file. This option is useful if you want to prepare the content data for publishing before you have received or uploaded the video thus preparing in advance.

  1. Press Add new media button.

Fill in all the necessary information - title, asset id, metadata etc. Then click Save

When creating new media, please note that all files with the same assetID in the same category will be grouped as one video asset! Please see the Media file ingest page to learn how to upload media. 

2. After new media is saved, it will appear in the media list as not published with status - New

3. Then upload media in the same category with the same asset id, complying with the file naming pattern. 

4. When upload and transcoding have been finished, more editing options will be available. Now you can publish your video in the Availability tab or copy embed code to post manually in your portal. 

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