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Comment: * ISO 2 or 3 letter code


Part of file nameDescription

All files with the same assetID in the same folder will be grouped together as one video asset.

Adding of additional files to the same asset is supported but adding of media files to a transcoded asset will result in warning, except for subtitles.


Any name that does not contain ~ (tilde) or . (dot)

This field will be used as asset Title.

If an option Update Asset Name From Video is selected in Client Settings, the asset Title will be updated from video file if that comes after any other media file.

LNG2 or 3 - letter language code according to ISO-639, example: ENG or EN
bitrateNumbers will be treated as kbps value for bitrate, all symbols will be used as bitrate title for players, example: HD2500kbps

Media file extention, example: mp4, wav, srt etc.

This will be used to recognize how the file should be processed.

There is certain processing for XML files. If they can be recognized as subtitles they are processed as such. Otherwise they are processed as meta-data.