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The Players, Advertisement and Protection presets are created here and then assigned to Workflow profiles or specific video.

  1. Player Presets tab set default player functions for respective parameters of media asset:
    1. Playback control
      • play video automatically;
      • display subtitles automatically;
      • show related media – shows related media from the same folder as the asset;
      • start muted.
    2. Options
      • extended buffer – loads 60s ahead in the player instead of default 20s;
      • video looping;
      • disable pausing playback – disables play button. If you set autoplay - the video will start immediately and without pause option, but if you do not set autoplay, you can press the play button on the video, but you can not stop it;
      • video preload – preloads video content before ads finish and before the user clicks on the video.
      • change the width in pixels;
      • change aspect ratio;
      • change protocol- HLS or MPEG DASH;
      • change player type - THEOPlayer regular or THEOPlayer VR 360;
    3. Hide player options
      • disable background image while loading;
      • progress bar;
      • play/pause button;
      • volume button;
      • playback time;
      • subtitle button;
      • settings button;
      • fullscreen button.
    4. add a custom play button to your stream;
    5. add a media asset logo to your stream;
    6. add a custom player poster to your stream
    7. change colour to subtitles and background colour, and change the font.
    8. add custom titles and URLs to the player;
    9. add Singular Live output URL for custom overlays;
    10. add social sharing options – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Due to restrictions in browsers, if Iframe player is used, the social sharing buttons will not point to exact page as that is hidden from Iframes. JS Player is not affected by this limitation.

  2. Advertisement tab – configure advertisement preset, settings include:
    1. add VAST URLs for advertisements;
    2. change type – pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll
    3. change ad type - VAST, VPAID or VMAP
    4. add offset – when the advertisement is played (00:00:00 or xx% formats).
    5. add Google IMA integration
    6. set mid-roll advertisements as recurring;
    7. block player on ADS Block Plugin to prevent ad-blocker.

  3. Protection tab- configure protection preset, settings include:
    1. choose to block VPN/proxy users - VPN/proxy detection as an optional check in addition to geographical IP address checking (to activate this feature contact your account manager); 
    2. choose to Use token for embed to protect the embed code against re-embedding in conjunction with Restrict embed in Domains 
    3. if the top option is marked, Only use for disallowed countries option will appear. This sets the token enforcement only for geo-blocked countries. Is used to allow content access for registered users outside of allowed regions, e.g. EU;
    4. add Domain Whitelist- specific domain you want to allow access to your content;
    5. add IP Blacklist –specific subnet and/or IP address you want to deny access to your content;
    6. add IP Whitelist –specific subnet and/or IP address you want to allow access to your content;
    7. add countries in which playback is allowed.