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These are options that can be added to the embed URL or as a parameter to the JS embed to override some functions.

These Some of these options will only work if the "Player preset" assigned to the asset has "Allow URL override" enabled.

  • media: Url of the media asset
  • channel: Url of the channel
  • record: Url of the recording
  • manifest: Manifest ID. Defaults to media default manifest (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • bitrate: Start on a specific bitrate ID. Defaults to automatic detection (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • protocol: Manifest protocol (dash or hls). Defaults to hls (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • playertype: Player type (regular or vr). Defaults to regular (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • embedpassword: Bypassed embed password input if correct password
  • embedtoken: Embed token for use if media has "Use token for embed" enabled
  • adkeywords: Replaces [ADKEYWORDS] in AD urls with this provided string
  • uid: Unique user ID for Youbora analytics
  • autoplay: If set the player will autoplay (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • mute: If set the player will start muted (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • loop: If set the playback will start over again when it reaches end (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • autosubs: If set to 3 letter language code, then player will auto play those subtitles (Requires "Allow URL override")
  • starttime: Number at what seconds to start playback. Set to "random" to start at a random place each time