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Release dateModuleDescription


07.05.2021MediaSpecial case for audio namingNEWWhen 5.1 surround audio is downmixed to 2.0 stereo the '5.1' text is removed. All other descriptions remain the same.
29.04.2021MetadataNew option for metadata - import formatNEWAdded import format for date and time fields for metadata.
29.04.2021MetadataWarning on metadata import failuresNEWIf metadata import fails or field values do not validate correctly, a warning is issued. An additional option is possible for fields where value warnings should be ignored.
29.04.2021APIFunctions for channelsNEWAPI now has several new functions to create, update and perform other operations on channels.
29.04.2021MediaNew Transcoded media view NEWA view section added to the media list showing only transcoded media assets.
29.04.2021MediaA new popup with all media actionsNEWEach media asset has a shortcut to a popup that lists all actions performed on media. Available only with special advanced permissions.
29.04.2021MediaIngest validation XML file updateNEWAdded new options for audio tracks inside the video container.
15.04.2021MediaFix for temporary files uploaded to externalFIXFixed when temporary files were incorrectly uploaded to external servers.
15.04.2021MediaUpdate text subtitles without re-transcodingNEWNow it is possible to update text-based subtitles for transcoded assets without re-transcoding.
15.04.2021Embed/playerAirplay playback fixesFIXFixed Apple Airplay playback issues when encrypted content did not play and in some cases Airplay icon was not visible.
15.04.2021MediaTotal number of assets in a categoryNEWList of categories display the total number of assets in each category.
31.03.2021MediaMetadata search by fieldsNEWAdded metadata fields to filter criteria.
31.03.2021FilesBroken download link for some filesFIXFixed broken download links in the Files section.
25.03.2021PresetElemental SMIL for MP4 filesNEWA new type of SMIL manifest - Elemental Delta compatible SMIL for MP4 files with video and audio muxed together.
25.03.2021PresetMax. source resolution conditionNEWAdded new video encoding condition of maximum source video resolution.
25.03.2021MediaRe-transcoding of failed assetsFIX

Fixed when an asset was loaded in and failed validation/transcoding but new fixed files were loaded after, it did not re-trancode.

25.03.2021MediaFixed addition to asset with errorFIXFixed when asset was in error state and newly ingested or replaced files were rejected.
25.03.2021MediaNew transcoding processNEWThe new transcoding process creates all renditions in parallel significantly reducing the time.
25.03.2021MediaAdded Category to Media in the listNEWNew field Category in the large view of Media assets.
25.03.2021PresetVertical resolutions addedNEWVertical media resolutions 1:1, 5:6, 9:16 added to the preset options.
25.03.2021Embed/playerFixed deleted subtitle displayFIXFixed when the deleted subtitle language remained in the player selector.
18.03.2021MediaCategories dropdown fixFIXFixed when Categories dropdown on the Media asset edit page did not contain all possible categories.
18.03.2021MediaMedia list display subtitlesFIXFixed when subtitle languages were not displayed in the list when the source files were deleted.
18.03.2021APIFunctions for the new Recordings NEWAPI now contains the functions for the new Recordings system with several new functions and options.
18.03.2021Embed/playerClickable logo to open URLNEWThe logo image overlayed on the player may have a URL that will open when the logo is clicked. Look for it in the PLAYER FUNCTIONS section.
11.03.2021FilesIngest into Files section failedFIXFixed when a file was ingested into the Files section the ingest often failed.
11.03.2021MediaSubtitles with empty lines failedFIXFixed the when the subtitle file contained some extra empty lines or empty lines where the subtitle text was expected, subtitle conversion stopped at that line.
04.03.2021APIRecordings→Delete returned 504FIXFixed API function Recordings→Delete which did not work properly returning error 504.
04.03.2021MediaMultiple same language subs fixedFIXWhen subtitles were ingested again for the same language they were added to the subtitle file rather than replaced resulting in occasional errors when old subtitles were displayed to viewers.
04.03.2021GeneralUser permissions for web uploadNEWSeparate user permission for web upload introduced in User groups.
04.03.2021Embed/playerVisual icon for 4K contentNEWPlayer icon for 4K content displayed automatically when 4K rendition is streamed.
25.02.2021MediaDelete was slowFIXImproved process speed.
25.02.2021MediaProgressive download URLsNEWNew progressive download URLs to MP4 files for players using such and download-to-own scenarios. Warning!!! Additional configuration/integration required for this option to be available.
25.02.2021ChannelsStatus information not updatedFIXFixed when channel status was not updated for a long time.
25.02.2021APIFix for asset file languageFIXLanguage setting for asset files was ignored.
25.02.2021APIFix for embed codeFIXThe embed code returned by several functions had the missing option allow="encrypted-media" in the responses.
18.02.2021ReportsNew Reports menuNEWAll reports accessible through the menu.
18.02.2021AnalyticsGemius integrationNEWGemius analytics integrated into the Video Cloud embed code.
04.02.2021GeneralWelcome screen for new usersNEWA welcome screen is displayed showing quick tips on how to start using the service for new users.
04.02.2021AnalyticsGoogle Analytics integration upgradeNEWUpdated GA integration allows more precise video event reporting. Added GA to Reports menu for quicker access.
04.02.2021MediaTranscoding report parameters fixFIXSome filter parameters were reset to default when another report page was opened.
04.02.2021MediaEOL characters conversion fixFIXSome EOL characters that rarely appear but sometimes still are used were not handled correctly.
04.02.2021APIUpgraded Media→Update functionNEWA new feature allows adding files to the asset using this function.
28.01.2021MediaNew media file ingest moduleNEWCompletely rewritten ingest module with much better capacity and S3 bucket ingest supported.
22.01.2021MetadataImport from JSON structured fileNEWMetadata can be imported from a file that contains JSON structured data.
22.01.2021Embed/PlayerRelated videos in the playerNEWNew feature to show random videos from the same category as related after the video is finished.