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See transcoding job information for each asset file packages – types, extensions, bitrates, resolutions, frame rates, aspect ratios, sample rates, channels, languages, codecs, coefficient, duration, billable minutes (see full billed amount in Resource usage report), files sizes.

Each transcoding job has a billing coefficient which is specific for the job and depends on the type, video resolution, audio bitrate and other parameters specified in the service description. For instance SD video tracks have coefficient 1 and are billed as 1 billable minute of output per 1 minute of input, HD video tracks have coefficient 2 and are billed as 2 billable minutes of output per 1 minute of input, MP4 file transmuxing has coefficient 0.2 and is billed as 1 billable minute of output per 5 minutes of input and so on.


See completed upload jobs of each file package – file names, upload times, file sizes.

Learn more about 3.11.2. Transcoding Presets.