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In order to transcode the content in the automated process, you have to ingest the content into the Video Cloud FTP server or use Upload manager in the browser. Your FTP user name is slightly different from the web portal user name which is typically an e-mail. You can see the FTP username in the password change dialog box. Alternatively, you can use media ingest API function for automated ingest.

When ingested via FTP server or Web upload manager, the files are grouped into media assets according to the assetID field in the media asset file name. All video, audio, subtitles and data files with identical assetID ingested into a particular category are grouped into the same media asset. You can find them in the Files packages tab, Source package of media asset edit page.

During the transcoding process, media assets are processed one by one in the order set when the criteria for automated transcoding are met. Either it is the timed delay or XML manifest validation, the first asset ready for transcoding goes first into the processing. The transcoding queue is listed in the Media section when Transcoding Queue selector is clicked. The transcoded files are listed in the File packages tab, in base or other user packages of media asset edit page. See full report of the transcoding workflow by opening it under Reports or also in Media section under Transcode Queue and Upload Queue