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  1. Main tab:
    1. Name;
    2. If the preset is the default preset - used if transcoding for media asset is started and no preset is assigned;
    3. Default language - used if input file language for audio or subtitle is not specified;
    4. Media audio language order - order in which audio language tracks are set during muxing;
    5. Threshold The threshold for max length difference for audio and video - a difference in audio and video track lengths indicates a problem but there are situations when they might be not equal and come tolerance should be allowed before warning or error is generated;
  2. Encoder tab:
    1. Encoder type;
    2. Video codec;
    3. Deinterlace;
    4. Aspect ratio;
    5. If aspect ratio should be forced from XML manifest - helps to change incorrect aspect ration in source video parameters;
    6. Encoding speed;
    7. Color encoding system;
    8. CABAC;
    9. Output format;
    10. Add transcoding profiles;
      1. Title;
      2. Video BR (kbps);
      3. Resolution;
      4. Video FR (fps);
      5. Audio BR (kbps);
      6. Audio SR;
      7. Level;
      8. GOP;
    11. Force CBR;
  3. Logo tab:
    1. Position;
    2. Scale percentage;
    3. Vertical margin;
    4. Horizontal margin;
    5. Upload logo image;
  4. Fade in/out tab:
    1. Fade in duration(sec.);
    2. Fade in start offset(sec.);
    3. Fade out duration(sec.);
    4. Fade out end offset(sec.);
  5. Video edit tab:
    1. Trim leading seconds;
    2. Trim trailing seconds;
    3. Crop left, right, top, bottom offsets;