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Release dateModuleDescription
06.11.2019ProfileIngest pattern fixFIXFixed incorrect media file assignment when ingest pattern was updated between two consequtive ingests.
06.11.2019MediaTranscoding error reset on re-ingestFIXWhen transcoding results in error, reingesting the content now correctly resets the error status.
06.11.2019MediaFixed incorrect framerate conversionFIXFramerate conversion was incorrectly handled from 50 to 25 fps resulting in incorrect ISMV file playback on some systems.
06.11.2019MediaVisual fixesFIXSeveral visual fixes of incorrectly displayed elements.
06.11.2019PresetFixed incorrect resolutionsFIXSome resolutions failed to transcode to. Fixed these resolutions in the selection to the ones supported by transcoding process.
06.11.2019PresetChanged handling of undefined audio languagesNEWIf no language is assigned in the audio track metadata or audio file name, the audio is kept as undefined. Previously it was always changed with system default setting.
06.11.2019APIMedia ingest autotranscode fixFIXAutotranscode did not start in some occasions
30.10.2019Player/EmbedFirefox 70.0 fullscreen crash fixFIXFixed player crashing in Firefox version 70 when playing in fullscreen mode.
30.10.2019ProfilesTranscode after re-ingest optionNEWAdded option to re-transcode an already transcoded media asset after some file of the asset is added or updated.
30.10.2019MediaMultiple audio tracks same language fixFIXFixed incorrect handling of multiple audio tracks of the same language.
24.10.2019MediaMerged muxing and test logsNEWMerged muxing and test transcode logs into single validation process log for better usability.
24.10.2019MediaAutomated transcoding after delete fixFIXPrevented automated transcoding of the assets when transcoded files were deleted on schedule.
24.10.2019MediaReset action fix to display correct statusFIXFixed status display for the asset in reset process.
24.10.2019MediaDo not allow transcoding if no preset existsFIXFixed error situation when transcoding failed if no preset was defined.
24.10.2019CategoriesDisplay profile if inherited from parentNEWIf workflow profile is assigned to the parent category it is displayed as inherited in the dropdown in category edit window.
24.10.2019MediaFixed missing subtitlesFIXFixed a rare situation when subtitles were not added because of sequence of operations.
24.10.2019MediaM4V/M4A files supported on ingestNEWM4V/M4A file formats added on ingest (separate audio and video tracks).
24.10.2019MediaFile names not processed during ingestNEWDuring ingest the files with dot in the beginning of the name or extension .partial are ignored by ingest process until renamed to regular names.
24.10.2019PlayerFixed casting to AppleTVFIXFIxed when AppleTV casting did not work in some cases.
24.10.2019PlayerAutomated playback of subtitles fixedFIXFixed automated playback of the subtitles when advertisement pre-roll is run before the video.
24.10.2019PlayerUpgraded to THEOplayer 2.64.0NEWPlayer upgraded to the new version 2.64.0 with important functionality updates and fixes.
17.10.2019ChannelsNumbus playout API calls updateFIXChanges to our underlying framework required to update the code making API calls to Nimbus playouts.
17.10.2019MediaDisplay all audio tracksFIXAdded audio tracks from video files to the main media list. Previously only tracks in separate audio files were displayed.
17.10.2019MediaIngest fix for very large bitrate filesFIXFixed when files with bitrate over 80 Mbps were not ingested properly and ended up with error during ingest.
17.10.2019MediaDVB subtitle muxing fixFIXFixed DVB subtitle muxing to avoid several errors related to timecodes.
17.10.2019ProfilesMulti-edit fixFIXSome fields were incorrect in the multi-edit form.
17.10.2019ProfilesPassword trim fixFIXFixed trimming of space characters from upload config passwords.
10.10.2019MediaFixed ismc file name reference in ism manifestFIXFixed incorrect file name reference in ism manifest file.
10.10.2019MediaFixed encoding for adaptive ISM filesFIXFixed encoding parameters for ISM file generation to ensure playback of adaptive assets.
10.10.2019ProfilesFixed autotranscode for subcategoriesFIXFixed automatic transcode launch for assets in subcategory when workflow profile is assigned to parent category only.
03.10.2019PresetsFixed autotranscode after XX minutesFIXFixed automatic transcode launch when in some situation it did not start.
03.10.2019ProfilesIngest pattern fix for subcategoryFIXFixed use of ingest pattern for assets in subcategory when workflow profile is assigned to the parent category only.
03.10.2019ProfilesISMC upload fixFIXFixed missing configuration for ISMC file name pattern.
03.10.2019ProfilesCustom TS file name field fixFIXFixed custom field replacement issue for upload file name patterns for TS file type.
01.10.2019ProfilesAdvertisements fixFIXFixed broken popup layout for advertisements.
01.10.2019ProfilesNew upload logicNEWAdded multiple upload destinations to the workflow profile. File package is associated with the upload destination to select files to upload.
01.10.2019ProfilesUpload error handlingFIXFixed situation when the status was a success for upload but actually it failed. Added correct error messages.
01.10.2019MediaTranscoding preset assignment fixFIXFixed when transcoding preset was not assigned from the profile in the parent category.
01.10.2019MediaDVB subtitle improvementsNEWAdded support for dvbsubs tracks in Full HD resolution.
01.10.2019MediaCrashed process error fixFIXFixed crashed process error handling which reported this incorrectly in some situations.
01.10.2019MediaBack-to-back subtitle playbackFIXFixed when subtitles were flickering if they followed each other back to back on the same millisecond.
01.10.2019MediaCorrect PCR interval for TS filesFIXFixed PCR interval for output TS files generated by the transcoding process.
01.10.2019MediaFixed adaptive playback of Smooth filesFIXFixed when ISM* files could not play adaptively due to some specific encoding settings.
01.10.2019MediaFixed ISM manifest generationFIXCorrected errors of how the language tracks were included in the ISM manifest.
01.10.2019MediaDisplay correct bitrates for all file typesFIXFixed incorrect bitrate display in the media list for some file types.
01.10.2019MediaAssetID can contain more symbolsNEWAdded most of the ASCII characters to the list of characters allowed in the assetID and do not change uppercase to lowercase.
09.09.2019MediaISMV segmentation fixFIXFixed uneven segmentation of ISMV files.
06.09.2019ChannelsAdded resolution parameter to HLS manifestNEWSome players require a resolution parameter for stream definitions in the HLS manifest. This is added to provide better compatibility with industry-leading players.
06.09.2019ProfilesNew custom field for media file namesNEWNew field [custom] added to the upload file patterns. This field can be set in the Transcoding preset for each TS file rendition in each package separately. Currently, only TS files are supported.
06.09.2019MediaDefault transcoding preset inheritedNEWNow by default the transcoding preset for newly ingested media is inherited from the workflow profile assigned to the category. Previously it was copied from the workflow profile and did not change when the category was changed. Now a user can assign the transcoding preset to the media asset manually or via API but in the automated workflows it always is inherited from the category where the media is assigned.
06.09.2019MediaTranscoding fix for missing bitrates with CRFFIXSome bitrates were not generated when CRF option was selected in video encoding settings of the transcoding preset.
06.09.2019MediaReset status action fixFIXRedesigned media reset process which failed because of timeout when too many assets were reset at a time. Asynschronous process implemented.
06.09.2019MediaCategory change bug fixFIXFixed bug when category update did not work for media asset after Save if Done button was clicked.
06.09.2019MediaIngest file pattern fixFIXFixed bug when ingest pattern field length was ignored when delimiter character was in the field.
06.09.2019RecordingRecording bitrate titles updated from channelNEWPreviously recording bitrate titles were generated from bitrates not inherited from these set for the respective channel.
23.08.2019MediaAutomated time fix for subtitlesNEWIf subtitle times do not contain hours and/or minutes 00 are added for compatibility with some players.
23.08.2019Player/EmbedYoubora Analytics integrationNEWNew integration with Youbora Analytics by Nice People at Work.
23.08.2019PresetCustom file patterns for ISM manifest NEWAdded file naming patterns inside of ISM manifest for ISMV, ISMA and ISMT files.
23.08.2019PresetAdded default values for some fieldsNEWFields GOP and ISM Chunk Length filled with default values which are important for the process.
13.08.2019MediaHarmonize subtitle times NEWAdded new function to add hours and minutes to subtitle times if missing on ingest.
13.08.2019ProfilesNew option to strip HTML tags in subtitlesNEWNew option added to Workflow profile that cleans the HTML tags in subtitles.
13.08.2019PresetsDVB subtitles muxed into TS fileNEWNew subtitle format added to TS file. DVBsubs are generated and muxed as a track into TS file.
13.08.2019PresetsISMT subtitlesNEWNew subtitle format added to Smooth formats. ISMT subtitles are generated along with ISMV/ISMA files and added to the corresponding manifest.
08.08.2019PresetsAC-3 audio codecNEWNew audio codec added to the preset output configuration.
08.08.2019PresetsFFMPEG v4NEWNew encoding engine ffmpeg 4.1.4 in addition to the existing ffmpeg 3.4.2.
08.08.2019PresetsAdded playable system manifests to packagesNEWPlayable system manifest was generated only for the base package. Now any package with MP4 or M4V files can have a playable system manifest.
01.08.2019PresetsNew bitrate mode - CRF optionNEWAdded new option to use CRF value to automatically determine the bitrate for video for the given resolution.
01.08.2019GeneralReset forgotten passwordNEWAdded option to reset a forgotten password.
01.08.2019ProfilesAdvertisements updateNEWAdded the VAST/VPAID/VMAP selector to the Advertisements options.
01.08.2019PresetsVisual updatesNEW
  • Changed the fields in the presets list, added Encoder, and Video codec.
  • Aspect ratio moved to each video bitrate allowing anamorphous pixels for some of them.
  • Added multiple editing support.
  • Video and audio encoding settings popups improved for better visual representation.
12.09.2019MediaNew file download shortcut and dialogNEWQuick access to the media file downloading implemented with a new icon in the media list.
12.09.2019APIMedia list function updateNEWUpdated Media→list function to reflect the changes in media manifests after the transcoding process and underlying media assets data structures redesign.
12.09.2019MediaEdit page updatesNEWRedesigned Source and Transcoded files sections and merged into a single File Packages section which reflects the File packages generated by transcoding process and defined in the Transcoding Presets section File Packages.
12.07.2019PresetsThe new version of Transcoding presets NEW

The transcoding process is completely redesigned with many new options and new transcoding preset structure. Audio encoding is performed independently from video encoding and audio bitrates are not tied to video bitrates anymore. The default encoding formats are M4V and M4A in separate files with MP4 generated optionally with full control over muxing of video and audio tracks.

Transcoding preset has 3 new sections with some settings moved from the Encoding section and many new ones.

  • Video encoding - section contains all video encoding related settings. Additionally, there are conditions for the particular video track to be generated - source video resolution, minimum and maximum bitrate.
  • Audio encoding - section contains all audio encoding related settings. Added new options to select audio codec and channel configuration, and conditions for the particular audio track to be generated - source audio codec, channel configuration, minimum and maximum bitrates. 
  • File packages - section contains the definitions of the output file packages. All output files are grouped into packages which are used for the splitting of outputs for external upload and for the generation of playback manifests for different scenarios. Muxing of video, audio and subtitle tracks is defined here, as well as the set of files included in each of the packages. Similar files are generated only once regardless of the number of packages the file is included in.

With this update, we added support for easy integration of additional future output types. All existing types are now available separately for inclusion into file packages. The recently added Elemental SMIL manifest files received custom-defined fine naming patterns in the configuration.

12.07.2019ProfileBugfixFIXFixed upload when the incorrect pattern was selected when one extension was part of the other.

Fixed situation when the status of the media asset did not change properly after deletion of some files.

17.06.2019PresetElemental Delta SMIL generationNEW

New output file format - Elemental Delta packager compatible SMIL file, that works as a manifest to list all video bitrates, audio tracks, and subtitles.

Temporarily, before the new improved transcoding presets will be introduced, this file is generated as part of M4V/M4A package that includes SRT subtitle output and SMIL manifest. Please note that file names in the SMIL are hard coded and follow certain pattern that should be used in the Profile Upload File Patterns configuration:

  • M4V - [assetID]_v[bitrate].mp4
  • M4A - [assetID]_[language]_[audioCodec]_[audioChannels].mp4
  • SRT - [assetID]_[language].[ext]
  • SMIL - [assetID].[ext]
17.06.2019ProfileDelete transcoded files automaticallyNEWAdded new workflow option 'Delete transcoded media files after upload' which deletes transcoded media files after specified time after upload is complete.
17.06.2019ProfileNew fields for upload name patternNEW

New file name fields introduced in patterns used for uploaded file name generation:

  • originalName - original video file name without extension;
  • audioCodec - audio codec name;
  • audioChannels - audio channel configuration, supported values 20 (for 2.0 stereo) and 5.1 (for 5.1 surround).
17.06.2019PlayerResponsive embed code wrapperNEWNew option to add a responsive wrapper to the embed code and new field in the API list functions. Configurable through Settings->Client Settings.
11.06.2019AdsFixed incorrect adding of some special charsFIXAmpersands were added to the URLs on open. FIxed.
11.06.2019PlayerSocial sharing button fixFIXSocial sharing buttons were not working in some situations
11.06.2019MediaMinor interface fixesFIXFixed misleading information in edit page
30.05.2019APINew functions for media tagsNEWNew functions for management of media tags.
30.05.2019PlayerExtended player bufferNEWNew option to set the extended player buffer to retrieve more video segments into the memory.
30.05.2019AdsFixed unavailable Apply buttonFIXIn some situations Apply button became unavailable in the Advertisements popup.
30.05.2019ProfileFTPS/SFTP upload destinationsNEWAdded FTPS and SFTP protocols as output destinations.
30.05.2019RecordingLimited recording end timeFIXRecording time limit is necessary to prevent the situation with unlimited recordings which newer end.
30.05.2019RecordingStatus filters correctedFIXFixed the incorrectly working status filters.
24.05.2019PlayerAdded keyboard controlsNEWControl player with keyboard - space = play/pause, left = rewind, right = forward, f = fullscreen, m = mute, up = volume up, down = volume down.
24.05.2019MediaSRT subtitles as output formatNEWAdded new conversion of subtitles into SRT format.
24.05.2019MediaM4V/M4A files as transcoding output optionsNEWAdded new transcoding output options M4V/M4A separate video and audio tracks.
24.05.2019CategoriesShow ID on hoverNEWNow you can find category ID by hovering the mouse pointer over the category name.
24.05.2019GeneralComma-separated lists for filtersNEWSince now you can enter filter values as comma separated lists and they will split into multiple filter conditions.
24.05.2019Media tagsQuick link to tagged assetsNEWList assets with specific tag with one click from the list of tags.
15.05.2019WebsitesPurge action fixFIXFixed situation when website CDN cache purge did not work properly.
15.05.2019ChannelsFixed publishing info for transcoded channelsFIXFixed incorrect publishing information which was displayed when Transcode option was chosen. 
15.05.2019ProfileAdded missing fields to Copy actionFIXFixed Copy action when some fields of the ingest profile were not copied to the new profile.
08.05.2019AdsVPAID/VMAP supportNEWIn addition to VAST we added support for VPAID and VMAP ads.
08.05.2019ChannelsFixed when publishing info was missing for transcoded channelsFIXFixed situation when there was missing correct publishing information for transcoded channels.
08.05.2019PresetsNew output to TS filesNEWNew options in the transcoding preset to create optional TS files as transcoding outputs in parallel to MP4 files.
08.05.2019MediaAdditional language descriptors for mediaNEWCustom additional descriptors can be assigned to media audio tracks in addition of the default ones based on ISO-639 language codes.
08.05.2019MediaISO 639 2-letter language code supportNEWIn addition to ISO 639 standard 3-letter language codes 2-letter codes are supported during media ingest and converted into 3-letter codes for use in the service.
08.05.2019MediaSet FTP subfolder as root for userNEWDefine the subfolder of the customer's root FTP folder as the root folder for particular user. Split your contributors in the categories.
08.05.2019MediaNew Tags for media assetsNEWNew functionality to categorize videos based on custom tags. Multiple coloured tags per asset. Separate settings page for tags management.
08.05.2019MediaOption to create category folder on FTPNEWNew option in the category parameters popup to generate the FTP folder.
15.04.2019APINew preload option in media ingest functionNEWNew option to preload media before play button is clicked or pre-roll is playing.
15.04.2019PresetsNo upscale optionNEWNew option for the transcoding preset - no upscale, which prevents rendition of a profile whose bitrate or resolution is higher than the source.
15.04.2019PresetsMinimum source bitrate optionNEWNew option for the transcoding profile in the preset - minimum source bitrate, which prevents the rendition of this profile if the source video bitrate is lower than the set value.
15.04.2019PresetsAdditional TS file outputNEWNew transcoding output file format TS - a transport stream file can be generated in parallel to default MP4 container.
15.04.2019ProfilePreview thumbnails for seek barNEWAn option added to media ingest profile to automatically generate thumbnails for video during ingesting. These thumbnails are used for a preview of content while hovering over the player seek bar.
21.03.2019APIIngest profile applied during API ingestFIXFixed situation when media asset parameters were not set from ingest profile during API ingest.
21.03.2019APIMedia ingest assedtID check fixedFIXFixed conflicts when assetID was checked globally.
21.03.2019APIRecords create and update improvementsNEWImproved consistency of parameters to be similar to other functions.
06.03.2019FilesDownload fixFIXFixed non-working downloads under some circumstances.
06.03.2019APIMedia update title field fixFIXCorrected update to media title field that did not work previously.
06.03.2019MediaSubtitle ingest fixFIXFixed situation when subtitles were ingested after transcoding and not added to the manifest. Incorrect warning message also eliminated.
28.09.2019APIUpdated presets list functionNEWAdded more return values to the output of the function.
28.02.2019ChannelsCustom titles fix for live channelsFIXFixed when custom overlay titles did not work correctly for live channels.
28.02.2019MediaFixed cache purge when media asset changesFIXFixed situation when changes in the media asset wasn't reflected in the streamed content due to old cache content.
28.02.2019ProfilesAdded media preload option to ingest profileNEWNew option for media ingest profile to set preload option for ingested media.
21.02.2019MediaFix cache purge on media updateFIXFixed situation when cache was not purged when media had updated and new changes were not visible.
21.02.2019MediaAuto delete fixFIXFixed situation when media was not deleted automatically because of some previous error.
21.02.2019NotificationsUpdated notificationsNEWAdded new notifications and eliminated some that are not useful. When errors are automatically resolved, corresponding notifications are marked as resolved as well.
21.02.2019APIAdded manifest to token generate for mediaNEWToken generate function updated with new parameter to specify the manifest of media asset for which to generate the token.
21.02.2019APIWrong file URL stopped ingest processFIXFixed file ingest function when supplying wrong URL for ingestible file stopped the whole process.
05.02.2019MediaFixed subtitle file content displayFIXContent of subtitle files is visible in the popup.
05.02.2019MediaStatus fix after deletion of transcoded filesFIXStatus is correctly changed to Play Single after all transcoded bitrates are deleted.
05.02.2019PlayerCustomized player messagesNEWAdded Translations for player messages. Translate into any language.
05.02.2019MediaContent preloading for before playbackNEWAdded new option in Player Functions section for media to turn on content preloading before play button is clicked.
05.02.2019ProfilesTest Connection for media uploadsNEWNew button added to Ingest profile File Transfer section to test the connection to remote server for automated media uploads after transcoding.
05.02.2019ProfilesMedia profiles renamed to Ingest profilesFIXTo reflect the real use of ingest profiles both for media and files the name changed to Ingest profiles.
05.02.2019APICategory update for media fixedFIXAPI media update function fixed to correctly update the category id field.
05.02.2019RecordingsCorrect recording start/end time after trimmingFIXFixed the record trimming to display correct start and end times for the trimmed recording.
05.02.2019MediaCSV export of media list improvedNEWCSV export of media asset list redesigned to support large number of records. Export files are generated asynchronously and placed in File section.
31.01.2019RecordingsManifest selection for Nimbus recordingsNEWSince now one user can choose the manifest for automated recordings scheduled from NImbus timeline.
31.01.2019ProfilesSecurity settings fixFIXFixed situations when some settings were incorrectly disabled in some combinations.
31.01.2019APIRecording trim fixFIXFunction response changed to be more consistent and similar to media trim function.
24.01.2019FilesIngest profiles for filesNEWProfiles now work for Files section also. Control the parameters and behaviour of ingest.
24.01.2019APINew management functions for FilesNEWAdded new API functions to ingest, update and delete file objects
24.01.2019APIFixed media ingest and updateFIXFixed errors in media ingest and update functions when multiple objects were provided in the parameters.
24.01.2019APIAPI function for recording trimmingNEWAdded API function for trimming of the recordings. Trim the existing or create a new trimmed recording.
24.01.2019RecordingsFixed recording start timeFIXFixed a bug when the recording start time was set incorrectly when stream started and recording was previously planned for offline stream.
11.01.2019MediaMedia edit popups fixFIXFixed media edit popups when adding new line and cancelling this line stayed in the list.
11.01.2019APINew functions for transcoding presetsNEWAdded functions to manage transcoding presets.
07.01.2019MediaFixed multiple similar calls to trimFIXFixed situation when it was possible to accidentally start several processes of trimming of the same media.
07.01.2019MediaPlayer overlay improvementsNEW

Interface improvements for usability.

07.01.2019MediaMinor bugfixes for media manifestsFIX

Added field validations and handling of incorrect values.

07.01.2019PlayerIE11 playback errorFIXFixed error during playback in IE11.
07.01.2019PlayerNew VAST URL macro [PAGE_ENCODED_URL] NEWAdded new macro [PAGE_ENCODED_URL] to VAST URL in advertisements section.
07.01.2019AdminEmptyadvertisementsxFIXFixed error during save when name field empty.
07.01.2019APIMedia manifest functionsNEWNew functions to add, update and delete media manifests
07.01.2019APIFile list additional output valuesNEWNew file security settings output values in the file list function


Trimming functionsNEWAPI trimming functions for media


Media trimmingNEWNew action to trim source media (only single bitrate, not transcoded)


Recording trimmingNEWNew action to trim the recordings
07.01.2019APIImproved channels list outputNEWImproved channels list function output with additional values and better structure.
20.12.2018MediaToken parameter lost during save fixFIXFixed situation when token setting lost during save.
20.12.2018ChannelsSRT ingest protocolNEWAdded SRT protocol support for channel ingest.
12.12.2018RecordingsName empty save error fixFIXFixed error during save when recording name is not specified.
12.12.2018APIMedia transcode functionsNEWMedia transcode functions added to API
12.12.2018APITime added to list function filtersNEW

Updated filters for all API list functions. Values in search fields date_from and date_to can contain time as well.

10.12.2018MediaCSV export and API media list syncedNEWSynchronized CSV export and API media list output results to include missing fields on both.
10.12.2018ChannelsConnect/disconnect fixFIX

Fixed the bug when Connect and Disconnect actions can be called when channel is in a state that does not allow such actions.

21.11.2018MediaApply different ads depending on video lengthNEWNew fields for advertisements configuration in media profiles to set minimum and maximum video length when VAST advertisements are applied.
21.11.2018MediaVAST config depending on video lengthNEWVAST configuration in media profile is applied depending on video length. Added two new fields Apply when duration 'more than'/'less than' where video length restrictions are set and VAST link is added only for videos falling in the specified length range.
21.11.2018MediaSubtitle language fixFIXFixed errors during some situations with multi-language subtitle uploads.
21.11.2018APIMedia ingest fixFIXFixed failed media ingest calls when process hanged because of incorrect input parameters.
21.11.2018APIMedia delete fixFIXFixed error during media delete function call.
21.11.2018StatisticsMain page numbers fixFIXFixed incorrect display of statistics data for certain customers.
21.11.2018PlayerAutoplay fixFIXFixed the situations when some browsers even on desktop did not play videos automatically.
02.11.2018MediaTerminology update - 'Ingested'FIXDue to ambiguity in term 'upload', 'uploaded', 'uploading' a new term based on 'ingest' is introduced for all media inflow related things, e.g. ingesting over FTP into Telia Video Cloud. Term 'upload' will be related only to content outflow, e.g. files uploaded to external storage after processing.
02.11.2018ChannelsSlow UI fixedFIXIn some occasions UI became slow, e.g. on channel edit page opening or channel starting/stopping.
02.11.2018ChannelsCustom channel URL fixFIXFixed incorrect formation of custom channel URL when there are parameters
30.10.2018ChannelsOption for auto-shutdown after 168hNEWAdded new option value for auto shutdown of the channel after 168 hours of inactivity.
30.10.2018MediaNew action Upload to externalNEWManually upload to external storage based on Media Profile settings assigned to category.
30.10.2018APIUpdate to media→list functionNEWAdded more return values, see Media List
25.10.2018APIUpdates to many functionsNEW

New parameters for media→list function - interval of IDs, list of IDs, list of asset IDs.

New return values for media→list function - full data for source and transcoded files.

Media Profiles - all functions new

Media Manifests - all functions new

19.10.2018MediaStatus change during transcoding fixedFIXFixed bug when asset status was changed during transcoding and validation process when new file ingested. A warning only is added to the asset now.
19.10.2018APISingle line API - MRSS and JSONNEWNew single line API calls for list actions. Return values in Media RSS or JSON format. Disabled by default, enable in the Client Settings Security tab.
19.10.2018PlayerSingular Live integrationNEWAdded Singular Live overlay URL to player/embed code.
19.10.2018MediaFragments and multiple manifestsNEWMultiple manifests/fragments allow to create several sets of bitrates per asset and define fragments of the video, e.g. sports game highlights.
05.10.2018GeneralMulti-select editor fixesFIXSeveral fields were saved incorrectly in multi-select edit mode in Channels, Media and Recordings sections.
12.09.2018AdminAdded option to reset user FTP passwordNEWThe administrator can reset also user's FTP password now.
12.09.2018APIAdded new return values to media listNEWBoth thumbnail and placeholder URLs are returned now.
12.09.2018PlayerOverlay text and custom CSSNEWMore control over player visuals - add overlay texts and custom CSS as specified by THEOplayer.
12.09.2018RecordingsFilter bug fixesFIXFixed bugs when items were incorrectly selected when certain statuses were filtered.
03.09.2018GeneralMany minor interface fixesFIXA bunch of fixes to the visual web interface for better visibility, usability, and feedback.
03.09.2018APIMedia list thumbnail URL fixFIXMissing hostname added to the thumbnail URL returned by request to Media→list function.
03.09.2018MediaLogo burn-in and fading during transcodingNEWCustom logo image can be burned into the video and video fading-in/out applied during transcoding.
03.09.2018MediaCancel for planned validation/transcodingNEWNew action for media to cancel the validation or transcoding before the process starts.
30.08.2018MediaAdded and fixed transcoding optionsNEWNew options to choose transcoding speed (quality), fixed some options used incorrectly on rare occasions.
30.08.2018MediaIngest process improvements and fixesFIXImproved file ingest process for speed and reliability. Fixed situation when after ingesting of subtitle files resulted in incorrect status of the asset.
20.08.2018NotificationsNew notifications pageNEWAll notifications from the system processes will be put in one place - popup on the top menu bar and separate screen to see them all.
20.08.2018AdsParametrized VAST linksNEWAdded parameter placeholders to VAST links to target ads more specifically. Example -[REQUEST_IP_COUNTRY]&ip=[REQUEST_IP]&ua=[REQUEST_USER_AGENT]&lang=[REQUEST_HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE]
20.08.2018GeneralCSV export only for selected itemsNEWWhen multiple items are selected, the CSV export function generates a list of only those items. Otherwise, it lists all the items.
20.08.2018RecordingsXMLTV list time roundingNEWAdded parameter to configure the time values to be rounded to nearest 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 minutes.
20.08.2018MediaMedia list view fixFIXFixed a bug in Microsoft Edge when an empty list was returned after view mode change.
02.08.2018MediaTranscoding workflow fixesFIXFixed several bugs to improve the workflow.
26.07.2018MediaVisual improvementsFIXSeveral visual improvements in the list of Media assets.
26.07.2018PlayerNew option to select the fixed bitrate at startNEWThe new option allows setting particular bitrate in the player when it starts.
19.07.2018MediaAspect ratio correction optionNEWNew option to change the incorrect aspect ratio in video files.
19.07.2018MediaTranscoding logging improvementsNEWOutputs from all process steps added to transcoding logs. Settable log verbosity introduced.
19.07.2018ChannelsLanguage list additionsNEWAvailable languages list is extended with all ISO-639-2 codes including the non-lingual content codes.
19.07.2018WebsitesSeparate cache purge permissionsNEWNow you can assign cache purge permissions separately without giving the user rights to edit or delete.
19.07.2018RecordingsProcessing time optimizationFIXSignificantly improved recording processing times. In most cases, it is 5 to 8 times faster.
19.07.2018PlayerPlayer loading time optimizationFIXSignificantly optimized player loading times. In most occasions, it is about two times faster than previously.
19.07.2018MediaMedia transcoding time optimizationFIXSignificantly improved transcoding process time by optimization of several steps in the process. The improvement depends on the content but can be up to 5 times.
19.07.2018StatsMonth selection fixFIXFixed the issue when opening the report in Statistics section the date range was different than the one selected in the main Statistics page.
12.07.2018ChannelsRestreaming targets ON/OFF switchNEWNew option to turn on/off individual restreaming targets.
12.07.2018AdsAdded country option for VAST linkNEWTag [REQUEST_IP_COUNTRY] in the VAST link is automatically replaced by country code from the user's request.
12.07.2018MediaAudio language order fixFIXFix for incorrectly ignored audio language order option.
12.07.2018MediaMedia file naming pattern fixFIXAn incorrect naming pattern was detected when bitrates were not in the file name.
12.07.2018StatsFixed year over yer mini stats displayFIXFixed bug when last year's stats were shown for current year's same month.
12.07.2018ChannelsManifest selection fixFIXFixed option for correct channel URL generation when manifest was selected.
12.07.2018PresetsEdit split into tabsFIXDue to a large number of options, the transcoding preset edit is split into tabs for easier use.
10.07.2018MediaAudio muxing fixFIXCorrected bug when in some situations some audio tracks were omitted.
06.07.2018MediaPlaceholder generation optimizedFIXPlaceholder image generation took considerable resources for large files. Optimized now for much faster processing.
06.07.2018MediaThumbnail generation optimizedFIXThumbnail generation took considerable resources for large files. Optimized now for much faster processing.
06.07.2018APIID interval added to list functionsNEWAPI list functions now have id_from and id_to parameters to specify the interval of item ids for selection.
03.07.2018MediaWarning on ingest to transcoded assetNEWWhen a new file is ingested for an already transcoded asset, a warning message is displayed for the asset.
03.07.2018PresetsGOP size optionNEWNew option to specify GOP size for transcoding preset bitrate.
03.07.2018PresetsForce CBR optionNEWNew option to force constant bitrate encoding vs. capped VBR.
03.07.2018PresetsColor encoding optionNEWNew option to specify transcoded video color encoding.
03.07.2018PresetsTrimming options for videoNEWNew option to trim video from start and end
03.07.2018PresetsVideo length difference tolerance optionNEWNew warning and error thresholds to allow tolerance to allow specified video/audio track length difference.
03.07.2018PresetsMedia crop optionNEWNew option to crop media during transcoding introduced.
03.07.2018PresetsISM* segmentation optionNEWAdded new option to specify ism* file fragment size for transcoding.
25.06.2018ChannelsCSV export fix
Fixed broken CSV exports.
25.06.2018AdminSettings menu introduced
New Settings menu introduced to split settings from administrative functions.
25.06.2018PresetsPIFF files as transcoding output
New option added to transcoding preset to choose what type of files to generate. MP4 is generated by default with PIFF (ism*) as an option.
25.06.2018PresetsEncoding profile and level
Encoding profile and level added as options to Transcoding preset bitrates.
25.06.2018PresetsNew transcoding resolutions
Added 144p and 240p resolutions to the preset lists.
25.06.2018Presetsffmpeg introduced as an alternative
You can choose now from two built-in transcoding options - Handbrake and FFmpeg.
25.06.2018MediaMuxing of mono L/R tracks
New option for separate left and right mono track muxing introduced during the transcoding process.
25.06.2018MediaFixed bug at ingest
Fixed a bug during media file ingesting when the asset was left in Uploading state due to an error.
25.06.2018ProfilesAsset file availability options
New options to set asset expiration time, source file retention and all media files retention after upload.
25.06.2018ProfilesAccepted/ignored languages
New option - accept/ignore specified language tracks for audio and subtitles.
25.06.2018ProfilesSubtitle time offset
New option to eliminate TV standard 10th hour in subtitles or any other custom offset.
25.08.2018ProfilesCustom ingest file naming
New option - custom file naming patterns can be set by the user.
25.06.2018ProfilesAutomated upload to external FTP
New option - transcoded assets can be automatically uploaded to external FTP server.
25.06.2018ProfilesAutomated transcoding
New option - transcoding can start automatically 1) after a specified number of hours after last uploaded file, 2) XML manifest file is uploaded and all files listed there.
18.06.2018APIPreset Create and Update functions
New API functions for Media Transcoding preset management.
18.06.2018SettingsClient Settings Save action feedback
Rotating icon added during the Save action for Client Settings to provide visual feedback during the sometimes long process.
18.06.2018ProfilesMedia Profiles introduced
New module Media Profiles introduced. You can set up most of media asset options and some automated workflow to process them and assign to a media category (applied also to all its subcategories).
08.06.2018PresetsNew action Copy
Copies all settings of the Media transcode preset to a new item
08.06.2018APIToken→Generate action update
For better content security the generated token is protected against additional threats.
29.05.2018PlayerDefault play button and logo
Customer default play button and logo overlay for player added to the Client Settings section and affects all content playbacks where custom button and logo for particular content is not set.
25.05.2018WebsitesNew section for websites
Currently, websites are part of managed services fully managed by Telia but the customer can track certain website statistics and purge CDN content.
25.05.2018ChannelsPopup player fix for HTTP streams
When the customer chooses to have HTTP streaming we have to show https in popup otherwise browser does not allow mixed content.
17.05.2018RecordingsAdvertisements fixes
Added missing mid-rolls and fixed Add button action.
17.05.2018PlayerNew 404 page for expired content
When media content has expired, the #404 error page is displayed.
17.05.2018StatisticsNew Bandwidth report
A new report with streaming bandwidth
07.05.2018ChannelsRestreaming to external publishers
Channel streams can be re-streamed to Facebook Live, Youtube or any other external RTMP destination.
07.05.2018GeneralMulti-select edit fixes
Several fixes of multiple items edit forms.
07.05.2018APINew API version 4 introduced
New API version 4 introduced with many new functions.
21.04.2018APIContent download URL added to listItems
Added content download URL to recordings and media assets in the response to listItems function call.
21.04.2018MediaAuto subtitles
New option in the embed code - automatic playback of subtitles.
18.04.2018APIMedia Upload function added
New function for media ingest automation. The function enables the automated uploading process of multiple files per asset and setting all options of the uploaded media asset.
18.04.2018MediaPlayback loop option added
Added a new option loop video in the Player Functions tab. When checked the video will loop after the end of playback.
18.04.2018MediaBug Fixes
Interface bug fixes - icons, incorrect size display, etc.
06.04.2018MediaBug Fixes

AES-128 key return function error fix - event logging resulted in an error.

Validate function fix - sometimes when the video is corrupt Validate function does not finish.

Planned recordings XML file upload fix.
05.04.2018RecordingsCustom SMIL recording enabled
Recording for channel manifests with custom SMIL files enabled.
05.04.2018ChannelsBug Fixes
Fixed DASH playback bug
05.04.2018ChannelsEPG list provided as URL to XML
Introduced a new URL leading to XML file that contains XMLTV formatted EPG list for a preset period of time.
27.03.2018GeneralMinor bug fixes
Several minor bug fixes in all sections.
22.03.2018ChannelsAutomatic shutdown
Automatic shutdown of channels introduced. In the case of inactivity, the channel is turned off after the specified number of hours.
22.03.2018ChannelsCustom channel
Custom channel functionality introduced. Channels from custom origins and even different sources may be created.
22.03.2018GeneralInterface improvements
Minor fixes in usability and responsiveness - filters, sequence of actions.
20.03.2018MediaNew action Validate&Transcode
Actions Validate and Transcode merged into one for user convenience. Separate actions still available if necessary.
20.03.2018MediaAutotranscode functionality
When uploading into the autotranscode subfolder, assets are transcoded automatically with the default preset. Can upload to a subfolder named after preset_ID to transcode with specified preset.
20.03.2018RecordingsAdded thumbnails
Thumbnails for recordings are visible in the web interface and available over API function.
06.03.2018RecordingsLeading/trailing slack in seconds
Recording leading and trailing slack can be set in seconds instead of fixed minutes before.
06.03.2018ChannelsAds displayed after fixed intervals
Advertisements can be set to display after fixed intervals. Several ad URLs can be looped in this case.
05.03.2018MediaAdvertisements for multiple media assets
Advertisements configuration can be changed when multiple media assets are selected for editing.
05.03.2018MediaDefault Advertisements configuration
User can set the default Advertisements configuration for newly uploaded media assets.
05.03.2018ChannelsDefault recording settings for multiple channels
Default recording settings can be changed when multiple channels are selected for editing.
Embed URL error fixed
01.03.2018ChannelsWarning if no bitrate is selected in manifests
When the channel is started a warning is displayed if there are no manifests.
01.03.2018ChannelsManifest edit allowed when the channel is live
Editing of manifests is allowed when the channel is live to allow quick adjustments of the output.
01.03.2018StatisticsBug Fixes
Fixed ministats broken page layout for selected customers.
26.02.2018APIUpdated function listItems
Added new filtering options and more output fields for the recording type.
26.02.2018ChannelsNew Advertisements tab
Advertisements tab functionality extended - now it is similar to Media asset with multiple VAST URLs possible.
26.02.2018ChannelsOption to omit backup ingest
Added a new option 'Not used' in the ingest interface dropdown in case if the user chooses to stream only to one of the redundant ingest servers.
26.02.2018ChannelsWarning if there are no available UDP ports
Added a warning message in case there are no available UDP ports assigned to the customer.
26.02.2018ChannelsBug Fixes

Fixed problem with user rights, users with Channels - Advanced rights now are able to define channel bitrates.

Fixed error when the green button was pressed next to Add channel nothing happened.

Fixed error when Play Channel button was pressed and the player was missing in the popup.

Fixed error when channel custom streaming app is replaced with default on save.

26.02.2018MediaAdvertisements mid-roll percentage option

When mid-roll is selected in Advertisements popup user may input a percentage value of the media length alternatively to fixed time value.

26.02.2018MediaBug Fixes

Fixed error when deleting Media asset on some occasions files stayed in the storage.

Fixed error with system error when trying to play back a deleted media.

Fixed error when Play Media button was pressed and the player was missing in the popup.

26.02.2018RecordingsAdvertisements added
Added Advertisements functionality for Recordings. Each recording receives by default Advertisements configuration and values from its channel. The user may change that afterward.
26.02.2018RecordingsBug Fixes

Fixed error with undefined values in the embed code URL parameters.

Fixed error when the fieldAutomatically Delete After is hidden when the recording edit is opened and Auto Delete check box is selected.

Fixed error when the green button was pressed next to Add new job nothing happened

22.02.2018ManualThe first version of the system manual
The first version of the Telia Media Services video platform manual launched.
21.02.2018ChannelsVeset Nimbus timeline integration
Channels recording EPG can be automatically retrieved from Veset ( Nimbus playout system timeline.
21.02.2018MultipleMultiple delete operation improved
When deleting multiple items, e.g. media, recordings or files, additional feedback is displayed and operation does not reach browser timeout.
21.02.2018RecordingAdditional warning
When recording is scheduled for the channel that is turned off or the channel is turned off with active or planned recordings warning is displayed.
21.02.2018MediaMOV playback
Immediate playback of MOV files without transcoding is supported.
21.02.2018APIUpdated function listItems
Added listing of Files.
13.02.2018ChannelsCategories in Channels section
Channels may be grouped in categories same as Media assets before.
13.02.2018ChannelsNew default recording options
New default options for recordings generated as a result of an automated process, e.g. playout integration, EPG upload/download.
09.02.2018PlayerImproved player load time
Significantly improved player loading time.
08.02.2018MediaNew option Set placeholder from video
Generates a new placeholder image from a random spot of video file between 5% and 95% of the video length.
08.02.2018ChannelsNew option Set placeholder from the stream
Every 5 minutes generates a new placeholder image from live stream image.

New options in Client Settings

  • Default encryption method
  • Enable public webpage by default
  • Restrict Embed in Domains by default
  • Set thumbnail as default Media placeholder image

All these allow setting the default options during media asset upload.

  • Set the DRM, AES-128 or DRM with AES-128 fallback if necessary for new media assets.
  • Set the option Enable a public website for new media assets.
  • Set the default geolocation settings for new media assets.
  • Default thumbnail is generated at a random spot in video file between 5% and 95% of the video length.
08.02.2018AdminAdditional logging
Added new event logging - DRM events, tokenized sessions, unsuccessful playbacks.
06.02.2018ChannelsMinor interface bug fixes

06.02.2018MediaNew VAST pre-/mid-/post-roll support module
Any number of VAST URLs can be added as pre-/mid-/post-rolls to media instead of one that was supported previously.

New content protection features

  • AES-128 encryption enabled for Media
  • DRM with AES-128 fallback enabled for Media
  • All protection options enabled by default

Media asset streaming can be protected by AES-128 encryption and DRM with fallback to AES-128 for browsers and devices not supporting full-scale DRM.

The customer can enable all content protection options by default for newly uploaded media.

31.01.2018SecurityDRM enabled for Media
Media asset streaming can be protected by DRM.
31.01.2018APIAdded new function mediaDelete
Media asset may be deleted over API.
24.01.2018RecordingLaunch Recording version 2.0

New recording module launch. New functionality:

  • Multi-audio, compound stream recording
  • Integration with playout systems for EPG retrieval
  • A new recording scheduling system
  • Parallel recording
  • Specific substream recording
21.01.2018SecurityAdded IP blacklist for content playback
The customer can restrict playback of channel or media asset to specific IP address(es) or segment(s).
16.01.2018MediaAdded any file type support for media supplemental data
Customers can upload any file besides video, audio, and subtitles as part of video asset to store the files together in one place. This is useful for metadata and other files that customers might want to keep together with media assets,

Added new self-service features

  • Multi-bitrate channel definition
  • Multiple manifests per channels
  • Control over bitrate order and priority in manifests
  • Primary and backup publishing points
  • UDP stream publishing
  • Multiple language tracks
  • Backend stream management improvements

Major upgrade to live streaming module for 3 years.
03.01.2018APIAdded parameter item_asset_ID to listItems call.
The new parameter allows listing the media assets based on wildcard asset_ID value.
02.01.2018ChannelsMinor interface and security bug fixes

28.12.2017ChannelsMinor backend bug fixes

20.12.2017AllVisual improvements and fixes

08.12.2017Player/EmbedCustom channel logo
The customer can upload channel logo which will be displayed as an overlay in the top right corner.
08.12.2017Player/EmbedNew public page
Visual improvements of public playback page of channels and media.
04.12.2017RecordingXMLTV standard adopted for the schedule

04.12.2017StatisticsIncreased traffic report granularity
Traffic report can be drilled down to hours rather than days.