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  • Top menu bar (1) - Contains notifications, reportsadmin menu, settings menuuser menu and logout button.
  • Main menu (2) - Leads to main sections of the platform - Channels, Recordings, Media, Files, Websites and Statistics.
  • Categories panel (3) - Maintains categories of the content and helps to navigate through them.
  • Main content panel (4) - Displays the content of the selected section, provides the means for filtering, search and other options.
  • Edit panel (5) - Provides options for editing the content properties. 
  • Bottom menu bar (6) - By pressing the green question mark it is possible to browse this manual from the platform. 


To edit the list of categories click on Edit button below the categories tree and perform all editing operations - adding, deleting, editing the name.

Categories can have workflow profiles assigned to them, so that every new item in that category has specified default values assigned and also queueing priority for each category can be set.


The list of contents may be exported into CSV formatted file. Alternatively the same result can be achieved with API List actions.

Content preset buttons

Some sections contain preset buttons that act as shortcuts to preset content filters, e.g. All/Playable/Transcodable/Transcode Queue/Upload Queue buttons in Media section.