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Overall description of the service and its features is available on the Telia site

You can start with Getting Started section to get acquainted with overall concepts and first steps.

Introduction to Telia Solutions for Media

Telia Solutions for Media is a set of products and solutions for online video workflows. It contains Telia Video Cloud, Telia CDN and Telia Managed Video Services.

Telia Video Cloud

Telia Video Cloud complemented with our global high performance Telia CDN and enriched with customizable media solutions, provides a comfortable self-service environment for OTT professionals and online video publishers:

  • Live and VoD content ingest
  • Live and VoD video transcoding
  • Content transmuxing and packaging
  • Content protection
  • Video storage
  • Live recording for catch-up
  • Origin servers for CDN
  • Embed code for websites
  • Monetization
  • Content analytics
  • Video workflow API

Telia CDN

Telia CDN is a global high performance content delivery network for video streaming and website content acceleration and provides the content distribution for Telia Video Cloud as well.

Popular use cases and benefits of Telia CDN are:

  • Large capacity content delivery
  • Video and audio streaming
  • Web acceleration
  • Protection from volumetric DDoS attacks
  • Protection from traffic surges
  • Protection of origin servers

Telia Managed Video Services

We have significant experience in custom online video solutions. If you need any additional feature or service not available in self-service mode, please feel free to consult your account manager or contact

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