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In client settings page, you can view and edit:

  1. Client ID;
  2. Main settings;
  3. Player functions;
  4. Api settings;
  5. Recording settings; 
  6. Security settings;

Edit Client ID or main settings:

In Client ID or main settings edit you can:

  1. Add Google analytics id;

Edit player functions:

In player functions settings edit you can:

  1. Upload default media placeholder;
  2. Upload default channel placeholder;
  3. Upload default play button (*.png only);

  4. Upload default logo (*.png or *.svg only);

Edit API settings:

In API settings edit you can view and copy:

  1. API secret;
  2. API key;

Edit Recording settings:

In Recording settings edit you can:

  1. Set and edit Nimbus username;
  2. Set and edit Nimbus password;

Edit Security settings:

In Security settings edit you can Enable DRM by default for new media.

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