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To maintain the client side statistics video player embed code is integrated with several statistics systems. Google Analytics is the default one but others can be obtained for additional cost like Youbora. You can add the Google Analytics ID in client settings, use by default Telia Google Analytics ID or your existing one. Client side statistics provided by Telia Video Cloud is not available if direct content URLs are used with 3rd party players.

“Statistics” section contains data from CDN usage metering system. You can see detailed data divided in three groups:

  1. Content analytics”, divided into five subgroups:
    1. Channels - number of unique streams served;
    2. Vod - number of unique media items served;
    3. Files - number of unique files served;
    4. Websites - number of unique websites served;
    5. Recordings - number of unique recordings served;

  2. Regions statistics” - number of unique countries seen.

  3. Traffic analytics”, divided into two subgroups:
    1. GB – amount of traffic generated;
    2. Requests - amount of hits generated;

Users can filter statistics by month:

All data are displayed in pie charts, except for the “Traffic” data that are displayed in bar charts.

There is a table with more specific explanations under each chart. User can sort the tables by name, size, or percentage; export data etc.

In this section you can also find Transcoding report for all transcoding jobs. 

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