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In Files section, you can see all uploaded files which are under your client.

In a “files list” you see a full list of all files that you are allowed to view and edit.

There are five columns:

  1. File ID;
  2. Name;
  3. File name;
  4. Size;
  5. Upload date and time;
  6. Download option.

Edit files:

To edit files, you have to click on a file name in the file list, and then you can do in a side-edit the following:

  1. In “Main” tab you can:
    1. Change file name;
    2. Disable public url;
    3. Choose category;
  2. In “Download” tab you can:
    1. Direct download;
    2. Get file download url;
  3. In “Security” tab you can:
    1. Set item expire date and time;
    2. Check to use token;
    3. Set token duration- from 1 hour to 1 month;
    4. Allow embed hosts;
    5. Fill ip whitelist;
    6. Fill ip blacklist;
    7. add countries in which file is allowed.


User can sort the file list by:

  1. File ID;
  2. Name;
  3. File name;
  4. File size;
  5. File creation date and time.


User can filter the list to find necessary files by:

  1. File ID;
  2. Name;
  3. Upload date (date range) ;
  4. Use token.

File upload:

To upload files, you have to use the FTP client software like FileZilla, Windows Explorer, command line ftp utility or any other. Connect to the FTP server address with your username and password. Then in the FTP you upload to the 'files' folder. You need FTP permissions to access FTP account.

FTP username and password

Due to FTP account limitations your username for FTP is slightly different than the username for Cloudy CDN web portal. It retains the same user e-mail structure but all dots ('.') and '@' symbols are replaced by underscores ('_'). For instance if your portal username is then your ftp username is name_surname_domain_com. Your FTP password may be different from the password for the Cloudy CDN web portal. You can change the FTP password in the portal by clicking your name on the top right corner and choosing Change Password from the menu. Make sure which password you are changing as there are both on the same popup Window.

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