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In media side-edit there are several actions that you can perform by clicking on the "Actions" button:

Delete if the status is NOT "Validating" or "Transcoding"'.

Validate - if the status is “Play single”, “Ingested”, “Validated”, “Error”.

Validate & Transcode - if the status is “Play single”, “Ingested”, “Validated”, “Error”.

Transcode - if the status is “Validated”.

Cancel transcode -  if the status is "Transcode".

Cancel validation - if the status is “Validate”.

Reset media - if status is "Play multi", "Error", "Validated".

Reset media when Error notifications appear or when deletion of transcoded files is needed - reset with or without auto transcode. 

Upload files - if the status is NOT "Validating" or "Transcoding"'.

Upload additional source files to the asset e.g. subtitles. 

Upload to external - if the status is "Play multi".

Upload asset to external destinations based on assigned Workflow profile. You can edit and view configured output information in the Workflow profiles Files transfer tab.

Update subtitles from the source - if the status is NOT "Validating" or "Transcoding"'.

You can add, for example, NEW text-based subtitles to the transcoded asset without re-transcoding by clicking Update subtitles from source or choose a re-transcode option in Workflow profiles for automatization.
By adding TS (DVB) or ISM subtitles asset should be re-transcoded. 

Edit source file - if the status is NOT "Validating" or "Transcoding".

By clicking this action a new Edit video file pop-up window will open.
Insert a file before, middle or after the video by adding media from your library. 
Trim a file by entering start and end time. 
You can insert and trim a file that is not transcoded and has one source video file!
For transcoded assets, you can only Extract a new file, by entering a new file name and start, end time. The transcoded asset should have one source video file. 

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