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  1. Open side-edit – click on the title of a channel;

  2. In “Main” tab you can:
    1. change the title of a channel
    2. change the scheduled start and end time;
    3. see the channel ID and a creation date;
    4. choose or change the category.

  3. In “Stream publishing” tab you can:
    1. see the information necessary for pushing your stream to the channel;

  4. In “Playback URLS” tab you can:
    1. play stream by clicking on “Play stream” button;
    2. change HTTPS to HTTP or otherwise;
    3. choose Manifest;
    4. view and copy HLS URL or DASH URL.

  5. In “Embed code” tab you can:
    1. copy embed code;
    2. by clicking "Responsive embed wrapper" player adaptively resizes depending on the rest of the page;
    3. change HTTPS to HTTP or otherwise;
    4. choose Manifest;
    5. change player type - THEOPlayer regular or THEOPlayer VR 360;
    6. choose the protocol - HLS or MPEG DASH
    7. change size (WxH);
    8. change aspect ratio;
    9. make changes to embed code by adding autoplay or start muted;
    10. by clicking “Enable public webpage” you will get public url for your stream;

  6. In “Player functions” tab you can:
    1. add custom placeholder to your stream;
    2. add custom play button to your stream;
    3. add company logo to your stream;
    4. hide player functions – options, volume, subtitle, progress bar, disable background image while loading, play/pause icon, time, fullscreen icon;
    5. add custom CSS;
    6. add social sharing option – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn;
    7. add custom titles;
    8. add Singular live output url for custom overlays; 
    9. change color to subtitles, subtitles background color, change font family;

  7. In "Advertisement" tab you can:
    1. add URLs to VAST advertisement XML;

  8. In “Security” tab you can:
    1. enable playback encryption;
    2. use token;
    3. change Token validity – from 1 hour to 1 month;
    4. Restrict Embed in Domains;
    5. add IP Blacklist;
    6. add IP Whitelist;
    7. add countries in which playback is allowed;

  9. In “Recording” tab you can:
    1. set time after what record will be automatically deleted or check Auto delete box;
    2. change default duration of recording;
    3. change Nimbus timeline refresh interval, channel ID and recording manifest;

  10. In “Elementary streams” tab you can:
    1. change Ingest protocol to UDP or RTMP;
    2. view ingest servers;
    3. set auto shutdown time;
    4. change Video PID and Audio PID;
    5. view all added bitrates or add new;

  11. In “Manifests” tab you can:
    1. see all added manifests;
    2. add new manifest by clicking on “Add new” button;
    3. in Manifests pop-up you are able to change / add all information about current manifest

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