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  1. Open section “Channels”;

  2. Click “Add channel” button;

  3. In “Main” tab you can:
    1. set title of the channel;
    2. set category;
    3. set a custom channel CNAME.

  4. "Stream Publishing" and "Playback Urls" tabs will be available after saving the channel.

  5.  In "Advertisements" tab you can:
    1. add an advertisement to your channel;
    2. set mid-roll advertisements as recurring;
    3. block player on ADS Block Plugin to prevent ad-blocker.

  6. In "Availability" tab you can:
    1.  schedule start and end time for the live channel;
    2.  set pre-event and post-event poster images for channel.

  7. In “Security” tab you can:
    1. enable DRM;
    2. enable the Use of a token for playback;
    3. choose to Use token for embed to protect the embed code against re-embedding in conjunction with Restrict embed in Domains field. 
    4. if the top option is marked, Only use for disallowed countries option will appear. This sets the token enforcement only for geo-blocked countries. Is used to allow content access for registered users outside of allowed regions, e.g. EU;
    5. set Token validity – from 1 hour to 1 month;
    6. restrict embed in domains;
    7. add IP Blacklist;
    8. add IP Whitelist;
    9. add countries in which playback is allowed.

  8. In “Recording” tab you can:
    1. set leading and trailing recording time (Before and after a scheduled stream);
    2. set time after which the recording will be deleted or check Auto delete box;
    3. set timeline refresh interval (disabled, from 1 min to 4 hours);
    4. choose TV Playout Nimbus channel ID.

  9. In “Elementary streams” tab you can:
    1. choose to transcode the channel;
    2. set the auto shutdown time;
    3. set the ingest protocol to UDP, RTMP or SRT;
    4. add video PID and stream languages - audio PID;
    5. add bitrates;
    6. choose to restream the channel in any bitrate to as many destinations needed by clicking on RESTREAM button. Copy Stream Key information from your destination e.g. Facebook scheduled event settings, see instructions on how to schedule and go live on Facebook


  10. In “Manifests” tab you can:
    1. add new manifest by clicking on “Add new” button;
    2. in Manifests pop-up you are able to change / add all information about current manifest.

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