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In the “Channels” section you see a table with a list of all channels that you are allowed to view and edit. There are five columns in the table:

  1.  ID;
  2. Status;
  3. Title;
  4. Creation date and time;
  5. Options – shortcuts to some actions:
    1. Play” button to play channel in the pop-up window (Available when it's live);
    2. "Record" button to record channel (Available when it's live);
    3. copy channels URL;
    4. view and copy embed code.


The user is able to sort the list of the channel by:

  1. Channel ID;
  2. Status;
  3. Title;
  4. Creation date and time.


To find necessary items the user can filter the channel list by:

  1. Channel ID;
  2. Title;
  3. Creation date and time;
  4. Use token;
  5. Recording enabled.

After selecting necessary items press the "Use filters" button to filter out required channels. At the bottom of the page, you will see found number of items. 

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