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Telia Video Cloud supports Metadata. This functionality allows you to provide a complete process for working with content metadata - receiving, storing, maintaining, editing and including publishing from the platform allowing content portals (news sites, VOD platforms) to present the content of this metadata to end users directly. Metadata in this case is considered descriptive information, such as a description of the topic, content, actors or participants and additional attached files - pdf, images, etc. (editorial metadata)

This is a custom solution, to active this feature and metadata editor for each video asset, additional configuration is needed. Please contact your account manager to configure the metadata fields you want to have.


You can import from a file that contains JSON structured meta data (name, episode, season, director, year, actors, description etc.) for each media asset separately. (following default file naming pattern and file should be with extension .meta)
After ingest is completed all files with the same assetID in the same folder will be grouped together as one video asset. You can view uploaded files in download pop-up or Files packages tab.

If metadata import fails or field values do not validate correctly, a warning is issued. The reason could be that the document is not valid or does not match the predefined data structure - just check if everything matches and reupload. An additional option is possible for fields where value warnings should be ignored.


After you submit your predefined meta data field template, we will create metadata lists with unique ID for those fields which you choose. Later on, you will be able to add items/list options on your own in the self-service mode with possibility to add descriptions to distinguish between visually similar values.

Go to Media section to edit or add new option for specific video asset metadata in the Main tab.

You can also retrieve metadata from Video Cloud over API, it will allow you to post, update video and metadata content directly from the platform.

In media section you can filter by metadata fields.

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