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In the “Media tags” settings you can create new and edit existing tags for media files. Created to distinguish, highlight or assign specific meaning to different media files. Media tags can be used as properties to group media assets across the folders. While folders are used to group media assets in a tree-like structure and one media asset can be only in a single folder, multiple media tags can be assigned to a media asset allowing to add more dimensions for grouping and selection of assets.

There are columns such as:

  1. Colour- chosen to identify from the selection;
  2. Tag- the name of the tag;
  3. Count- total number of assigned tags.

Add, edit, delete or arrange the media tags

Click on the Add new media tag button to add a new tag. In the tab, you can create a tag name and choose a tag colour from the list.
Click on the tag name in the list to edit a tag.
Click the Actions button in the tag edit page to delete the tag.

Arranging the selection of tags can be done by dragging the tag up and down. Order will be saved automatically.

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