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Advertisements(Further as "ads") can be enabled on channels, recordings and media.

Each new ad added consist of 4 things:

  1. Url - Url to the VAST(Digital Video Ad Serving Template) file;
  2. Type - PRE(Before playback), MID(Somewhere in the middle) or POST(After playback);
  3. AD Type - VAST, VPAID or VMAP ad;
  4. Offset - Only used for ads that have type set to MID and will specify at what point of total video length to play the ad.

Each media can have only 1 PRE and 1 POST urls specified, but unlimited amount of MID urls.

For recordings and media, the MID type offset will be a percentage of the whole video length. I.e. 25% set on a video 60 seconds long will have an ad placed at 15 seconds.

For live channels the MID type offset will be a timecode(00:00:00) string after which an ad is shown. I.e. 00:00:30 set on a live channel will show an ad after 30 seconds of watching the live channel.

Ad settings for media in the admin panel:

Ad Urls in our system contain extra custom macros(Ones not specified in VAST specification) that will be replaced before the Url is called:

StringReplaced byExample


Encoded url of the page the media was embedded
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