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This chapter contains the list of all changes and fixes to the system published in 2022.

Release dateModuleDescription


16.08.2022TranscodingSMIL generation fix for subtitlesFIXFixed when for MP4 and SRT packages the TTML file was generated but not included in the SMIL manifest.
09.08.2022TranscodingTranscoding time in media listNEWActual transcoding time is displayed in the media list for each media asset.
09.08.2022VideosherNew Videosher portal launchNEWThe Videosher portal is launched as a future version of Video Cloud. Functions are migrated over gradually.
14.07.2022APITimezone in time parametersNEWAPI time parameters now accept the timezone. For details check the API documentation.
14.07.2022APITime presets for API callsNEWAPI new time parameters accept simple notations like today, yesterday. For details check the API documentation.
14.07.2022TranscodingFix for subtitle update during transcoding processFIXFixed when the subtitles were not updated if they were uploaded during the ongoing transcoding process for the asset.
14.07.2022TranscodingIgnore images as video trackNEWFor some videos the images embedded in the video are detected as video tracks. These are ignored by transcoding for common image formats.
14.07.2022TranscodingWarning for not created audio tracksNEWIf a audio language track is not generated because of conditions a warning is issued.
14.07.2022TranscodingNew audio bitrate optionsNEWAudio bitrate presets populated with new options above 512 kbps and additionally manual bitrate input allowed.
13.05.2022EmbedConflicting overlays and adsFIXFixed when custom title overlays were placed over ads.
13.05.2022ChannelsGeoblocking schedulerNEWSchedule when a channel is not available in countries outside of allowed list during specified times, also recurring.
13.05.2022MediaFix for media list filter for assets with warnings and errorsFIXFixed when filtering of assets with errors didn't work correctly when assets also had an active warning.
13.05.2022TranscodingAccepted/ignored languages for output packagesNEWAdded a list of languages to accept or ignore when output packages are generated. If none of the languages pass the filter, no video files are generated, so that no videos without audio will be in the package.
13.05.2022AdminNew S3 users sectionNEWA new section with registered S3 users shows the list of users available for S3 ingests. This list is managed manually and serves just for reference. No automated user management is possible.
13.05.2022AdminLast login time for FTP only usersNEWThe last login time is registered for FTP users as well. 
26.05.2022AnalyticsGA v4 and Tag ManagerNEWIntegration with Google Analytics v4 and Tag Manager is implemented. GA v3 will be EOL as announced by Google.
26.05.2022TranscodingConfigurable encoder warningsNEWTo limit unnecessary non-monotonous DTS warnings we added an option to set the count of such messages triggering the warning.
19.05.2022MediaKeyframe generation updatesNEWTo limit unnecessary resource-intensive processing the generation of keyframes is limited only to playable video files and restricted on bitrate depending on resolution.
19.05.2022APIPoster image for groupsNEWWe have added new functions to manage poster images for Groups (formerly Themes).
10.05.2022APIMedia file technical data addedNEW

Technical information for media files, like codec, framerate, etc. available now through API calls to the media→list.

10.05.2022TranscodingFFMPEG 5 encoder production versionNEWFFMPEG 5 was introduced as an option. Currently, the system default is the latest stable FFMPEG 4 and FFMPEG 5 is available as an alternative for customers to use at their own risk but it is tested by us and performs well for all scenarios. Additionally, there is an encoding option FFMPEG 5 (beta) which is the latest build not yet fully tested but with all the latest features.
10.05.2022AdminAutomated user deactivationNEWTo improve the security of the service and users that are inactive for 6 months or more are disabled. Such users could be no longer needed or even not working for the account anymore, and deactivation helps to prevent unauthorized access.
26.04.2022TranscodingAudio encoding fixFIXIn some cases when source audio was very high, the process failed and transcoded it into a very low bitrate of 24 kbps.
26.04.2022TranscodingValidation queue fixFIXFixed situation when some assets got stuck in the validation queue.
26.04.2022AdminIP whitelist restrictions for loginNEWAdded new restrictions for users with allowed IP addresses.
26.04.2022AdsVMAP fixFIXFixes to VMAP ads - removed non-relevant fields (position and offset), some backend fixes.
12.04.2022AdminSeparate permissions for downloadsNEWPermissions to download files are created as separate permissions in User Groups. Additional three permission types - source files, transcoded files, and progressive downloads (MP4 URLs usable in players).
12.04.2022APINew API version 5NEWNew API V5 with full documentation -
04.04.2022TranscodingMajor transcoding process updateNEWNewly redesigned transcoding process with a much faster transcoding speed and many stability fixes.
31.03.2022MediaMultiple visual fixesFIXAdded new codec icons, fixed incorrect encoding mode display, fixed activity log display, and other minor improvements.
31.03.2022TranscodingFix for DVB subtitle muxing errorFIXIn some cases, DVB subtitles were not muxed into TS file.
31.03.2022ChannelsFix for newly created bitrate not added to playback manifestFIXWhen a new bitrate was created for the channel it was not added to the default playback manifest.
31.03.2022PresetsSupport for IDR and keyframes on scene changeNEWNew option to add keyframes on scene changes added to Transcoding Presets.
17.03.2022AdminDownload rights moved to editNEWDue to the need to increase content security the permissions to download files from the platform are assigned only to users with edit permissions instead of view permissions. This is a temporary change until we create a separate download permissions group.
17.03.2022MediaKeyframes and thumbnail aspect ratio fixFIXFixed when keyframes (used for player bar preview) and thumbnail images were generated with incorrect aspect ratio when the video had asymmetric pixel (PAR not 1:1).
17.03.2022ChannelsNew bitrate missing in playbackFIXFixed when the newly added channel bitrate wasn't added to the playback manifest and was not used for playback.
17.03.2022TranscodingCheck subtitle timecodesNEWAdded check for subtitle timecodes before the transcoding process starts. If timecodes fall outside the video time the process is stopped with an error.
17.02.2022MediaFixed main grid shortcut buttons FIXShortcut buttons Copy URL and Embed Code were broken after an update and fixed consequently.
17.02.2022PresetsManual entry for CRF max. bitrateNEWThe maximum bitrate value for the CRF option can be entered manually.
17.02.2022TranscodingLarge log download issue fixedFIXFixed large transcoding log download issue from the portal.
17.02.2022ProfilesFixed config loss during preset changeFIXFixed situation when transcoding preset was changed in the workflow profile, the file transfer configuration was lost.
10.02.2022Embed/playerProper titles for related contentNEWTitles of related videos displayed after the video has ended are read from the Title field instead of file names.
10.02.2022TranscodingRegenerate packagesNEWA new action to regenerate file packages is available to remux the packages from transcoded files in the Base package.
10.02.2022MediaToken and other Security tab settings are available for changingNEWPreviously due to technical limitations, it was not possible to alter the token setting and some other security settings for media assets. This is enabled now.
10.02.2022PresetMultiple encoders in the presetNEWMultiple encoder codecs are supported in the same preset. Also, several transcoding parameters in the preset are moved from preset level to rendition level making them configurable more granularly.
03.02.2022RecordingsNew status ArchivedNEWRecordings that are backed up to external storage, e.g. AWS Glacier and their files deleted get the status Archived.
03.02.2022Embed/playerPresentation mode fully implementedNEWSide-by-side mode for video and PDF slides fully available.
03.02.2022Embed/playerJS embed code fully implementedNEWJS embed code fully available from the portal and Jquery dependency eliminated.
03.02.2022TranscodingFix for conflicting transcoding processes FIXIn some situations, two transcoding processes took the same asset and generated duplicate file sets.
13.01.2022Embed/playerFixes for Google and other indexers to work properlyFIXGoogle indexer crawling the embed code sometimes was not able to process it correctly.
13.01.2022PresetNew options for transcoding preset, redesigned edit pageNEWThe transcoding preset edit page is changed to regroup options and accommodate new ones. Many new options to support more granular control.
13.01.2022TranscodingSmall transcoding process fixes preventing hanging of the processFIXSmall transcoding process fixes preventing hanging of the process.
13.01.2022MediaDefault ingest pattern updated to allow simpler namesNEWFile pattern for audio and subtitle files require only [assetID]~[LNG].[ext] structure.
13.01.2022MediaCSV export limitationNEWDue to CSV exports of too many assets overloading the system, we limit the export to 5000 assets maximum.
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