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This chapter contains the list of all changes and fixes to the system published in 2020.

Release dateModuleDescription


26.02.2020MediaImproved transcoding error messagesFIXFixed some error messages that were not descriptive enough.
26.02.2020RecordingsQuick recording shortcutNEWAdded button to quickly initiate channel recording from the channel list.
26.02.2020MediaFixed errors during uploadFIXImproved handling of errors. Process stops when a critical error is encountered instead of retrying. Also, when asset upload to the external server is in progress and the user changes the asset somehow that results in the deletion of asset files.
19.02.2020MediaIngest and transcoding queue improvementsFIXThe order of the files in the ingest and transcoding process is maintained according to the order in which the assets come into the respective process.
19.02.2020MediaIngest support for tar and tar.gz filesNEWFiles with tar or tar.gz extensions are unpacked first and then processed as regular asset files.
19.02.2020MediaImproved upload handlingNEWBetter upload error handling in case of incorrect/missing settings or non-responsible remote servers. Upload is limited to 5 retries and stopped after.
12.02.2020NotificationsFixed several errors and warning messagesFIXSome messages were misguiding. Fixed these.
12.02.2020MediaPrevent multiple upload processes for the assetFIXIt was possible to launch multiple upload processes in parallel for the same asset leading to inconsistency errors. Now it is not possible to have more than one upload process scheduled or running for the asset.
12.02.2020MediaCorrect reset of media during uploadFIXWhen media asset was reset during the upload process user received misguiding error messages and upload process was retried many times without success. Now the upload process fails and correct error is issued.
12.02.2020MediaFixed media manifest save errorsFIXSometimes saving of media manifest resulted in error or incorrect behavior.
12.02.2020MediaFixed hidden error displayFIXSometimes errors existed but were not visible in the media list as a status that might misguide users.
12.02.2020MediaUpdated media list sorting on statusNEWUpdated sorting option for the media asset list. Sort by status follows the natural process order from ingesting until transcoded.
12.02.2020MediaDefault file ingest logic changedNEWAs our customers prefer to replace the ingested files instead of appending them and we have an option to restore the previous version in the backend, we decided to change the default behavior from appending a file to replacing it if the source file is updated during ingest.
12.02.2020APIMediaManifest→update fixFIXMediaManifest→update function lost default manifest if not explicitly set. Now we maintain the current default manifest when it is not changed explicitly.
12.02.2020APIMedia→list additional output fieldsNEWThe media→list function has a new array with all advertisements settings for the media.
31.01.2020MediaTranscoding process fixesFIXMinor fixes to transcoding process: 1) 'und' subtitle language handling; 2) corrected error messages; 3) subtitle conversion fix when file grew infinitely when languages were added instead of replace.
31.01.2020APIMedia manifest functions fixFIXFixed media manifest API functions which failed to update the manifest file in some cases.
31.01.2020NotificationsNotification e-mail updatesFIXAdded new fields to e-mail subject and body, updated section names to match those in the web portal.
22.01.2020ChannelsLanguage track fixFIXFixed missing language description when only one audio track exists in the stream.
22.01.2020APINew response fields for single URL requestsNEWAdded placeholder_url and thumbnail_url to the output.
22.01.2020GeneralEmail notificationsNEWReceive e-mail notifications about system events performed by background processes. Four severities of events - Error, Warning, Success and Info.
14.01.2020PresetsNew HTML tag cleaning optionsNEWNew options for Transcoding Presets to strip HTML tags from the subtitles separately for each output format.
14.01.2020MediaMultiple user interface fixesFIXFixed incorrect messages, trimmed long texts and similar fixes.
14.01.2020MediaEnforce default manifest selectionFIXFixed the issue when it was possible to save the asset without the default manifest.