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This chapter contains the list of all changes and fixes to the system published in 2020.

Release dateModuleDescription


16.09.2020GeneralDate formatting fixFIXFixed date picker fields which worked incorrectly on some date and time formats.
16.09.2020ChannelsCSV export of selected list fixedFIXFixed bug when CSV export did not generate for selected channels list.
16.09.2020RecordingsCSV export of recordings list fixedFIXFixed error during CSV export of the recordings list.
16.09.2020Embed/PlayerFixed default image for FacebookFIXWhen sharing to Facebook from the player default image did not display.
16.09.2020ReportsNew transcoding and upload reportNEWA new report that contains all transcoding and uploading job history.
16.09.2020PresetFixed name field for Elemental SMILFIXThe name field in the filename pattern of Elemental SMIL is handled correctly and the asset name is placed there.
16.09.2020PresetSelect the backup audio track for audio file generationNEWThis option to select the backup audio track in case the primary is not generated was implemented only for container formats like MP4 or TS. Now it's added to M4A and ISMA as well.
16.09.2020PresetHTML stripping in subtitles fixFIXFixed bug when HTML codes were not deleted from subtitles when the option was turned on.
16.09.2020MediaTranscode queue order fixFIXFixed bug when the order of transcoding queue was changed quite often the topmost asset did not start as the next one. 
16.09.2020MediaCapped CRFNEWThe maximum bitrate can be set for CRF encoding mode for each video rendition. 
21.08.2020AdminNew user invitationNEWInvitation e-mail with a link to set the password is sent to the user e-mail address when the user is created or by initiating action from the menu. 
21.08.2020ProfilesMultiple item editing fixesFIX Some fields were not edited in the multiple selection mode.
21.08.2020RecordingsFixes to recording subsystemFIXStability and bug fixes which caused incomplete or failed recordings. 
21.08.2020BillingUsage reportNEWNew billable items usage report available under the Billing menu.
21.07.2020ChannelsEditable stream keyNEWThe stream key is editable now. This helps when you want to reuse the same channel with a different content publisher to avoid unauthorized publishing.
21.07.2020Embed/PlayerAd-blocker preventionNEWNew option to turn on the ad-blocker in the player.
21.07.2020Embed/PlayerOptimized visual asset servingNEWTo improve player loading times and optimize the visual asset delivery, all assets like thumbnails, placeholders, and playbuttons are served directly from S3 buckets in a separate CNAME.
21.07.2020RecordingsStability fixesFIXMultiple stability fixes for the recording subsystem.
21.07.2020PresetsGOP values which correspond to non-integer secondsNEWYou can set frame value GOP which does not exactly correspond to an integer value in seconds.
21.07.2020PresetsPrevent incorrect audio codec usageFIXOther fields are disabled when source audio codec is selected to inform the user that this will result in an audio stream copy.
21.07.2020ProfilesFeature to ignore muxed source audio tracksNEWA new feature in Workflow Profiles allows setting which languages muxed inside of the source container format files are accepted during ingest and processed further. 
21.07.2020MediaTranscode queue order fixFIXFixed transcode queue ordering which sometimes worked incorrectly.
21.07.2020MediaTS file muxing improvementsNEWOptimized TS file output muxing to eliminate warnings for some specific source files.
21.07.2020MediaPlaceholder generation fixFIXPlaceholder did not generate when another placeholder existed.
21.07.2020MediaUpload to external fixFIXUpload to external was unavailable to initiate manually when the option was disabled in workflow profile.
21.07.2020MediaValidation and transcoding optimizationsNEWImproved file operations to eliminate unnecessary steps and shorten the processing time.
01.07.2020MediaExternal upload fixFIXExternal upload did not work when the option was disabled in the workflow profile.
01.07.2020MediaVisual bitrate fixesFIXFixed incorrect display of video bitrates when the CRF option was used.
18.06.2020GeneralFilter button more visibleNEWThe filter button was unrecognizable as an action. Changed button design for customers to understand that it's clickable.
18.06.2020MediaPriority transcoding fixesFIXPriority transcoding happened to place several jobs on the same transcoder and did not distribute them evenly.
18.06.2020MediaIngest process optimizationsNEW

Improved ingest process logic to avoid situations when some assets spent an unnecessarily long time in the queue.

18.06.2020MediaValidation process optimizationsNEWOptimized some unnecessary file transfer operations to speed up the validation process.
11.06.2020MediaBetter transcoding status messagesNEWThe actual status of the process was hard to comprehend from transcoding status messages. New messages show the exact rendition and file format being generated or which other step is being performed.
11.06.2020MediaPrimary and backup audio renditionsNEWImproved conditional generation for output files. You can specify which is the primary audio rendition to include and set which backup rendition has to be used in case the primary is not generated because of source or other conditions. 
11.06.2020MediaFix for subtitles in manifests when the source is deletedFIXMedia manifests for transcoded packages did not include subtitles if asset source files were deleted. Consequently, subtitles did not show up in the player.
11.06.2020MediaImproved ingest handlingNEWAllow FTP ingest for assets in 'Validate' or 'Transcode' status while they are not yet in active processing.
11.06.2020NotificationsAdded filters to the notifications pageNEWNotifications can be filtered by any field, including filtering by partial text values.
11.06.2020APIUpdated Transcoding Presets functionsNEW

New fields and parameters added to functions for transcoding presets to support file packages and some other minor updates.

04.06.2020MediaDetect additional media errorsNEWImproved source media error detection in cases when the video is playable but incomplete.
04.06.2020MediaHandle TAR file errorsNEWHandle TAR file errors when unpacking and stop ingest process - if TAR is damaged, rename as .tar.failed and keep in FTP folder (ignore .failed during ingest process)
04.06.2020NotificationsImproved Slack notificationsNEWAdditional information fields added to Slack notifications for an easier understanding of the message and troubleshooting.
04.06.2020Embed/PlayerImproved channel availability optionsNEWSet pre-event and post-event poster images for channels.
04.06.2020Embed/PlayerPassword protected playerNEWSet password protection for the player to allow only authorized access to channels, recordings, and media.
28.05.2020MediaHEVC codec implemented as an outputNEWHEVC implemented for output and HEVC codec options finalized.
28.05.2020MediaTranscoding stability improvements and fixesFIXSeveral fixes and stability improvements for media transcoding workflow, mostly to avoid assets remaining in states which are not possible to fix for the user.
28.05.2020GeneralUpdated Slack notificationsNEWAdded essential information to Slack notifications to allow better troubleshooting.
21.05.2020MediaIgnore ingesting files during processesFIXIn some cases when a new file was ingested during the existing transcoding process, the process failed and remained in an uncertain state or error.
21.05.2020GeneralSlack notifications for system eventsNEWIn addition to e-mail, customers can receive notifications in four different Slack channels depending on the event severity. 
21.05.2020MediaFix for incorrect multiple assets save FIXSaving multiple media assets after editing, deleted advertisements data for all assets even when these were not edited.
21.05.2020MediaFixed Edit Source fragment extractionFIXMedia source file fragment extraction did not work in some cases.
21.05.2020MediaFixed manifest file incorrect locationFIX

In some cases after the transcoding process manifest file was registered on the wrong storage resulting in incorrect playback.

21.05.2020MediaNew setting for the default language of manifestNEWThe default language is used as the initially selected by the player.
07.05.2020ProfilesAdded new option to control automated uploadsNEWAdded new option to directly control whether uploads are done automatically after transcoding is finished.
07.05.2020MediaFixed color encodingFIXColor encoding conversion did not work in some cases.
07.05.2020MediaFixed correct number of files in the upload queueFIXUpload queue shows the correct number of files to upload.
07.05.2020MediaFixed default manifest after transcoding FIXAfter the asset is transcoded, the transcoded manifest is selected by default on PLAYBACK URLS and EMBED CODE tabs to avoid publishing errors. 
07.05.2020ChannelsFixed channels sort and filtersFIXSorting is available for all fields and filters work properly.
07.05.2020ChannelsFixed REC icon in channels listFIXThe red REC icon is displayed for channels having active recordings. Was missing after migration to the new recording module.
28.04.2020RecordingsNew DVR system fully in productionNEWThe old recording system is made read-only to prevent adding new recordings and renamed as DVR (old).
24.04.2020MediaFix for ingest file patterns invalid symbolsFIXWhen a pattern contained an error it crashed the process.
24.04.2020MediaFix for ingest file patterns repeating delimitersFIXIn some cases with repeating delimiters, the fields were recognized incorrectly.
24.04.2020Embed/PlayerFix for player thumbnailsFIXPlayer thumbnails sometimes did not show up.
17.04.2020ProfileNew option 'Delete asset when expired'NEWThe new option sets the time in hours after the moment when media is expired and deleted afterward.
17.04.2020ProfileNew option 'Available From Time'NEWThe new option sets the time in hours after ingesting when media becomes published. This allows a delay to set the publishing time properly.
17.04.2020APIMedia list function returns only published mediaNEWThe API media→list function returns only those media that are published to prevent accidental publishing of non-licensed media.
17.04.2020RecordingsFixed data filteringFIXThe filtering of recordings did not work.
17.04.2020MediaAdded warnings when incomplete data savedNEWA warning is displayed when important fields are not filled for the Media asset.
09.04.2020Embed/PlayerFixed Generate poster bugFIXGenerate a poster that did not work in certain conditions.
09.04.2020Embed/PlayerFixed bitrate order in the manifestFIX

When manifest was saved the bitrate order was not saved correctly and bitrates could end up in random order in the manifest and it was not possible to place them in correct order afterward.

09.04.2020MediaFixed system manifest generation issuesFIX

The system manifest was not regenerated at some certain changes in the asset.

09.04.2020MediaFixed special symbols in TTML subtitlesFIX

Some special characters raised an error in TTML subtitles resulting in them not appearing during the playback.

09.04.2020MediaAdded DVB subtitle muxing for 4K mediaNEW

When a video is transcoded into 4K bitrates DVB subtitles are now filly supported.

09.04.2020ProfileFixed transcode preset not savedFIX

When a new workflow profile was created, the transcoding preset was automatically selected from the dropdown but not saved in the profile and transcoding did not work.

01.04.2020MediaFixed subtitle missing in manifest after resetFIXSubtitles were missing in the player after media asset was reset.
01.04.2020MediaFixed language handling during transcodeFIXLanguage order and default language were ignored during transcoding andsometimes also for source video playback.
01.04.2020APIAdded expire_time to media list functionNEWAdded field expire_time to Media → list function
01.04.2020Embed/PlayerFixed VR/360 playback for some videosFIXVR/360 mode vas not working correctly for some videos, either did not play or could not be navigated.
01.04.2020GeneralFixed failed loginsFIXOften after login user was kicked out and had to login twice.
11.03.2020MediaFixed repeating uploads after errorFIXUploads are not repeated anymore when a critical error is encountered.
11.03.2020MediaFixed media warning clear buttonFIXFixed situation when it was not possible to clear media warning.
11.03.2020MediaFixed Manifest naming errorsFIXFixed to handle specific characters in the manifest name which resulted in error during saving.
11.03.2020MediaFixed error when all package files deletedFIXFixed to prevent error during saving when all files of the package are deleted.
06.03.2020MediaFragment times in secondsNEWA selector added to switch between seconds and milliseconds to set the fragment times.
06.03.2020MediaStop validation at incompatible output codecFIXIf the transcoding codec is set to 'source' and the source codec is incompatible with output format the process stops and error is issued.
06.03.2020MediaStop transcoding after a critical errorFIXWhen a critical error is encountered the process stops without retrying.
06.03.2020Embed/PlayerFixed play/pause disableFIXEven when the play/pause button was disabled it was possible to stop and continue playback on some occasions by clicking on the video or pressing the spacebar.
06.03.2020Embed/PlayerNew media poster generationNEWIntroduced a new generation for media poster using a video player with exact frame accuracy positioning.
26.02.2020MediaValidation improvementsFIXThe audio transcoding test is performed also when the video transcoding test fails to provide more consistent feedback.
26.02.2020MediaImproved transcoding error messagesFIXFixed some error messages that were not descriptive enough.
26.02.2020RecordingsQuick recording shortcutNEWAdded button to quickly initiate channel recording from the channel list.
26.02.2020MediaFixed errors during uploadFIXImproved handling of errors. The process stops when a critical error is encountered instead of retrying. Also, when asset upload to the external server is in progress and the user changes the asset somehow that results in the deletion of asset files.
19.02.2020MediaIngest and transcoding queue improvementsFIXThe order of the files in the ingest and transcoding process is maintained according to the order in which the assets come into the respective process.
19.02.2020MediaIngest support for tar and tar.gz filesNEWFiles with tar or tar.gz extensions are unpacked first and then processed as regular asset files.
19.02.2020MediaImproved upload handlingNEWBetter upload error handling in case of incorrect/missing settings or non-responsible remote servers. Upload is limited to 5 retries and stopped after.
12.02.2020NotificationsFixed several errors and warning messagesFIXSome messages were misguiding. Fixed these.
12.02.2020MediaPrevent multiple upload processes for the assetFIXIt was possible to launch multiple upload processes in parallel for the same asset leading to inconsistency errors. Now it is not possible to have more than one upload process scheduled or running for the asset.
12.02.2020MediaCorrect reset of media during uploadFIXWhen media asset was reset during the upload process user received misguiding error messages and upload process was retried many times without success. Now the upload process fails and correct error is issued.
12.02.2020MediaFixed media manifest save errorsFIXSometimes saving of media manifest resulted in an error or incorrect behavior.
12.02.2020MediaFixed hidden error displayFIXSometimes errors existed but were not visible in the media list as a status that might misguide users.
12.02.2020MediaUpdated media list sorting on statusNEWUpdated sorting option for the media asset list. Sort by status follows the natural process order from ingesting until transcoded.
12.02.2020MediaDefault file ingest logic changedNEWAs our customers prefer to replace the ingested files instead of appending them and we have an option to restore the previous version in the backend, we decided to change the default behavior from appending a file to replacing it if the source file is updated during ingest.
12.02.2020APIMediaManifest→update fixFIXMediaManifest→update function lost default manifest if not explicitly set. Now we maintain the current default manifest when it is not changed explicitly.
12.02.2020APIMedia→list additional output fieldsNEWThe media→list function has a new array with all advertisements settings for the media.
31.01.2020MediaTranscoding process fixesFIXMinor fixes to transcoding process: 1) 'und' subtitle language handling; 2) corrected error messages; 3) subtitle conversion fix when file grew infinitely when languages were added instead of replacing.
31.01.2020APIMedia manifest functions fixFIXFixed media manifest API functions that failed to update the manifest file in some cases.
31.01.2020NotificationsNotification e-mail updatesFIXAdded new fields to e-mail subject and body, updated section names to match those in the web portal.
22.01.2020ChannelsLanguage track fixFIXFixed missing language description when only one audio track exists in the stream.
22.01.2020APINew response fields for single URL requestsNEWAdded placeholder_url and thumbnail_url to the output.
22.01.2020GeneralEmail notificationsNEWReceive e-mail notifications about system events performed by background processes. Four severities of events - Error, Warning, Success, and Info.
14.01.2020PresetsNew HTML tag cleaning optionsNEWNew options for Transcoding Presets to strip HTML tags from the subtitles separately for each output format.
14.01.2020MediaMultiple user interface fixesFIXFixed incorrect messages, trimmed long texts, and similar fixes.
14.01.2020MediaEnforce default manifest selectionFIXFixed the issue when it was possible to save the asset without the default manifest.