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Upload video

There are three ways to upload the video to Telia Video Cloud Media section:

  1. Upload manager in the browser – Use web upload by clicking on the Upload media button in the Media section for easier media file upload. Choose to upload multiple files at the same time in one specific folder.

  2. FTP – To ingest media files you have to use the FTP client software like FileZilla, Windows Explorer, command-line FTP utility or any other. Connect to the FTP server address with your username and password. 
    NOTE! FTP username is different from portal username - dots (.) and @ symbols are replaced by underscores (_). For instance, ftp username is name_surname_domain_com.
  3. API – Another alternative is to use the API upload action.

  4. S3 bucket – We can also provide an S3 bucket (push-based ingest) that you can upload your videos and asset files to. Please contact your account manager for access information. 

It may take several minutes for an asset to appear in the media list! After the asset appears it will be processed automatically based on set default Transcoding Presets and Workflow Profiles, that are assigned to a specific folder. Or you can continue by editing media asset manually.

NOTE! To limit unnecessary resource-intensive processing, full generation of player progress bar thumbnails is available only on playable video files (m4v and mp4) and bitrate (max 30Mbit/s) restricted depending on resolution.

Embed video

To embed a video in your site click on the media name to open edit on the right side. Then click on the Embed code tab and at the bottom, you will find an Embed code field - copy your embed code and paste it into your site where you want to show the video.

In chapter 3.4. Media you will find the description of typical workflows which you most likely will perform in the "Media" section.