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  1. Open section “Channels” to create your own streaming channel. 

  2. Click “Add channel” button;

  3. In “Main” tab you can:
    1. set title of the channel;
    2. select a time for scheduled start or scheduled end;
    3. select channel category;
    4. set a custom channel CNAME.

  4. In "Stream publishing" and "Playback URLS" tabs list will show after saving the channel.

  5. In "Advertisements" tab you can:
           a. add an advertisement to your channel.

  6. In “Security” tab you can:
    1. enable DRM;
    2. enable the use of a token;
    3. change Token validity – from 1 hour to 1 month;
    4. restrict Embed in Domains;
    5. add IP Blacklist;
    6. add IP Whitelist;
    7. add countries in which playback is allowed.

  7. In “Recording” tab you can:
    1. set leading and trailing recording time (before and after a scheduled stream);
    2. set time after which the recording will be deleted;
    3. set timeline refresh interval (disabled, from 1 min to 4 hours);
    4. choose Nimbus channel ID;
    5. choose Recording manifest.

  8. In “Elementary streams” tab you can:
    1. change the auto shutdown time;
    2. set the ingest protocol to UDP or RTMP;
    3. add bitrates.

  9. In “Manifests” tab you can:
    1. add new manifest by clicking on “Add new” button;
    2. in Manifests pop-up you are able to change / add all information about current manifest.

You can use channels to stream not only from professional production cameras, but also from your desktop computer or phone by using different free and open source softwares.

For example, OBS to live stream directly from your computer, view and download OBS instructions.

Or use Wowza GoCoder app to live stream from you mobile device, view and download GoCoder App instructions.