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  1. Open section “Channels”;

  2. Click “Add channel” button;

  3. In “Main” tab you can:
    1. set title of the channel;
    2. Select a time for scheduled start or scheduled end;
    3. set a custom channel CNAME

  1. In 'Advertisements' tab you can:
    1. add an advertisement to your channel

  1. In “Security” tab you can:
    1. enable DRM;
    2. enable the use of a token;
    3. change Token validity – from 1 hour to 1 month;
    4. Restrict Embed in Domains;
    5. add IP Blacklist;
    6. add IP Whitelist;
    7. add countries in which playback is allowed;

  2. In “Recording” tab you can:
    1. set leading and trailing recording time(Before and after a scheduled stream);
    2. set time after which the recording will be deleted;
    3. set timeline refresh interval (disabled, from 1 min to 4 hours);
    4. choose Nimbus channel ID;

  3. In “Elementary streams” tab you can:
    1. change the auto shutdown time;
    2. set the ingest protocol to UDP or RTMP;
    3. add bitrates;

  4. In “Manifests” tab you can:
    1. add new manifest by clicking on “Add new” button;
    2. in Manifests pop-up you are able to change / add all information about current manifest;