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All Telia Video Cloud sections have the same layout. There are following main components of the page:

  • Top menu bar (1) - Contains notifications, reportsadmin menu, settings menuuser menu and logout button.
  • Main menu (2) - Leads to main sections of the platform - Channels, Recordings, Media, Files, Websites and Statistics.
  • Categories panel (3) - Maintains categories of the content and helps to navigate through them.
  • Main content panel (4) - Displays the content of the selected section, provides the means for filtering, search and other options.
  • Edit panel (5) - Provides options for editing the content properties. 
  • Bottom menu bar (6) - By pressing the green question mark it is possible to browse this manual from the platform. 


Content can be assigned to categories at media asset ingest or by selecting a category in the field on the Main tab in the edit panel.

To edit the list of categories click on Edit button below the categories tree and perform all editing operations - adding, deleting, editing the name.

Categories can have workflow profiles assigned to them, so that every new item in that category has specified default values assigned and also queueing priority for each category can be set.

Up to 5 levels of categories are supported.

Main panel


Filters provide the means to select the content items based on criteria. Multiple fields and multiple values for each field may be selected.

Selection of multiple items

To edit the properties or perform actions with multiple items select check boxes at the left side of each item or click Select all check box to select all items in the current page. Only selected fields are available for editing in this mode.

Add button 

Some content sections have Add button to create a new content item. Clicking it opens an empty item edit panel.

CSV export

The list of contents may be exported into CSV formatted file. Alternatively the same result can be achieved with API List actions.

Content preset buttons

Some sections contain preset buttons that act as shortcuts to preset content filters, e.g. All/Playable/Transcodable/Transcode Queue/Upload Queue buttons in Media section.

View modes

Some sections have view modes that display content in different layouts which differ by amount of content visible and size of each content item. Some of the view modes which do not have the columns have Sort by dropdown to sort the items in the list.

Search box for quick search looks for searched string in all visible content fields and filters the items by this value. To clear the search criteria click on the cross mark next to search box.

Items per page

Select how many items to display on each content page.

Edit panel

To edit the properties of the contents item or perform actions on it click on the contents title to open the edit panel. Click on green arrows to expand the panel. 

All fields in the edit panel are organized into tabs. Tabs with similar functionality have the same name and location in the order of tabs on all contents sections.

To save the edited contents click on the Save button on the top left corner. If you click on the area outside the edit panel and content item is not saved a confirmation box asking whether you want to save the item or not or stay in the edit to perform additional changes will be displayed.

On the top right corner of edit panel there is an Action menu. All actions on the content including Delete action are located here.

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