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In this chapter, you will find guidance on how to start using the Telia Video Cloud service, its concepts and definitions.

1. Register

To start using Video Cloud, you first must create an account.

Receive the invitation from your account manager to your inbox. The invite is valid for 24 hours.

Click on the active link and create your password.

To access Telia Video Cloud, go to: Login for the first time with your username, password. Review configured user data- name, date time format, time zone.

Click Apply and start navigating the Telia Video Cloud

2. Client profile

Read the documentation by clicking on the green question mark in the bottom right corner and get acquainted with the workflows.

To ensure process continuity, time-saving as well as to encourage our platform users to have a fully automated process, we suggest using presets and profiles. Thus, the client profile has automatically applied demo settings - Default Transcoding Preset and Default Workflow Profile, learn more about how to change defined settings here. To get acquainted with the possibilities of Video Asset Management, in the media section you will have sample videos.

3. Support

If you have any questions, issues with your Video Cloud account or need any additional feature that is not available in self-service mode, connect with your account manager or customer care service at

4. We are flexible and truly value our customer experience, so feel free to suggest new features for Telia Video Cloud at!

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